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Sponsored by: The Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

Natural Physique Association (NPA) Logo
The Natural Physique Association (NPA) is an independent organization which promotes sanctioned drug-free
amateur and professional bodybuilding, physique/figure and bikini events within the Continental United States
of America, to include Alaska and Hawaii. The NPA as it is sometimes called was founded and organized in the
year 2000, making it a true new millennium organization. It is owned by the Si-Flex Physique Club Inc. and
managed by its reigning President/CEO, Harry E. Silas. Articles and a constitution/rulebook for the NPA were
written and established in January of 2002, the same year the Pro division was birthed and the Association
registered in a USA court of law for it's trademark name and business license. The NPA annually
officials, promoters and athletes to serve in its ranks.

2013 NPA Pro Classic Finalists; Melessa McKay, Amanda Rosbicki, Kelly Pettaway, Justin Threadgill

NPA Pro Classic Bikini Finalists
 Melessa McKay, Amanda Rosbicki, Kelly Pettaway, Justina Threadgill
Taken November 2, 2013 at the Paramount Theater.  


Natural Physique Association
Judges Clinic

Training/NPA Certification/


TBA, 20 

Invitational Only!

NPA President, Harry E. Silas
(804) 862-2391



(Call above number for information)!



NPA Mr. / Ms. Virginia

Bodybuilding & Physique/Figure/Bikini Championships

Masters Men:(50+)(40-49)(35-39)
Masters Women: (40+) (35-39)

 (National Qualifier)


 Henrico Theater
Highland Springs, VA 23075
(Near Richmond Airport)

Promoter: JW Hicks
(804) 928-2965)
(Call above number for entry form)!



The NPA Natural USA

Pro Qualifier

Bodybuilding & Physique/ Figure / Bikini Championships

NPA Masters USA
Bodybuilding & Physique/Figure/Bikini

Masters Men: (75+)(60-69)(50-59)(40-49)
Masters Women: (50+)(40-49)

(Pro - Qualifier)



Lee Playhouse
Mahone Avenue
Ft. Lee, VA 23801

Promoter: Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.        (862-2391)    

 (Call above number for an entry  form)!





Mr. / Ms. North Carolina

Bodybuilding / Physique & 
 Figure/Bikini Championships

Masters Men: (50+) (40-49) (35-39)
Masters Women:(40+) (35-39)

(National Qualifier)

Show Cancelled

Paramount Theater
Burlington, NC 27215

Promoter: SiFlex Physique Club Inc.
(804) 862-2391


  (Call above number for an entry form)!







NPA Pro USA Classic
Pro Show

(Qualified NPA Pro Athletes Only!)

NPA Fall Classic(Tier II)

Bodybuilding Physique/Figure/Bikini

Masters Men: (50+) (40-49) (35-39)
Masters Women: (40+) (35-39)

(State Qualifier)

Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.
(804) 862-2391

(Call above number for entry form)


NPA Tri-Cities " Regional"
Bodybuilding & Physique/Figure/Bikini

Masters Men: (50+) (40-49) (35-39)
Masters Women: (40+) (35-39)
Masters Figure/Bikini: (40+) (35-39)
Open Figure/Bikini

(National Qualifier)
(SHow Cancelled)
December 5, 2015

Colonial Heights Middle School
500 Conduit Road
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Promoter: Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.
(804) 862-2391
(Contact above number for entry form)


NPA 8th Annual Award Banquet


(Invitational Only)!


Hilton Garden Inn
Banquet Room
Colonial Heights,Virginia 23834

For Infomation Contact:

Harry E. Silas
(804) 862-2391

Banquet : 2 pm - 6 pm

NPA Virginia State
Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini

Bodybuilding / Physique / Figure / Bikini

NPA Invitational Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini

Mr./Ms. North Carolina
Bodybuilding / Physique &
Figure / Bikini Championships

Mr./Ms. Tennesse Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini Championships

NPA Nationals
NPA Masters Universe
Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini

NPA Natural USA Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini

NPA New York State
Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini Championships

NPA Natural USA Masters
Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini

NPA Fall Classic (Tier I)
Bodybuilding & Physique / Figure / Bikini

NPA Fall Classic (Tier II)
Bodybuilding & Physique / Figure / Bikini

Si-Flex Pro Classic
Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure / Bikini

NPA Tri-Cities "Regional"
Bodybuilding / Physique & Figure/ Bikini


NPA Military - Police - Corrections-Firemen Challenge
Bodybuilding & Physique / Figure / Bikini Championships


Integral(Links)of the Natural Physique Association

Natural Physique Association (NPA) Logo


Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.
"Home of the Champions"

For Information on These Events, Call or Write:

Harry E. Silas, President/CEO
1944 Burks Street
Petersburg, VA 23805

The Si-Flex Physique Club Inc/ Natural Physique Association
Would like to thank all the athletes, families, friends, and fans of the NPA for their support and services they provided in 2014.
Entering our 15th year of operations and 2015 season, we look forward to another great year for Natural Bodybuilders. Special recognition
go out to the following NPA Bodybuilding/ Physique / Figure & Bikini Pros for their total support in 2014:

2014 Pro Female Bodybuilding Champions

1.Arlessa Gray, Henrico, Virginia
. Shirley D. Minter-Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina

1. Sonja Ngaia (Top Pro Female Bodybuilder of 2013)!

2014 Pro Figure Champions

1. Betty Napier, Ruther Glen, Virginia
2. Anjanette Stelghens, Henrico, Virginia

1. Dena Banks (Top Pro Figure Athlete of 2013)!


2014 Pro Bikini Champions)!

1. Taylor Duff, King William, Virginia

1. Kelly Pettaway (Top Pro Bikini Athlete of 2013)


2014 Male Bodybuilding Champions

1. Daniel Q. Wright - S. Chesterfield, Virginia
2. Cedric Perry, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

1.  Daniel Q. Wright ( Top Pro Male Bodybuilder 2013)


Challenge yourself to one of our events in bodybuilding, physique, figure, or bikini!

Natural Physique Association (NPA) Logo

Dena Banks, Margaretta Watkins, Amy Morris

Justina Threadgill; NPA Bikini ProAndi Grant; NPA ProShirley Minter-SmithDanny (DW) WrightRandy Batts, Shirley D. Minter Smith, Sonja Ngaia, Harry Silas

Amy Morris, Dena Banks, Margaretta Watkins

NPA President Silas/Dena Banks/LaToynia Ransom-Harvey

Cedric Perry, Jerry Garner, Danny Wright, Darryl Murphy

Margaretta Watkins; NPA Pro Figure

2013 NPA Pro Classic Winner; Danny (DW) Wright