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Results: The 2005 NPA Mr. / Ms Virginia State Bodybuilding

2005 NPA Virginia State

Fitness/Figure Championships (Teenage/Masters/Couples)

16 April 2005
Anderson – Turner Auditorium (Virginia Hall)

Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA
Sponsored by: The Si-Flex Physique Club Inc

Teenage Virginia:  Jordan Guill, Chester, VA
 Masters (50-59):  Mike Williams, Richmond, VA
 Masters (40-49):  Allen D. Gatewood, Richmond, VA
 Masters (35-39):  Carl Matthews Jr., Las Vegas, NV
Overall Masters Virginia:  Carl Matthews, Jr.

Fitness/Figure: Under 5’5”: Dena Banks, Chesterfield, VA
Overall Fitness/Figure Champion: Dena Banks

Female Teenage Virginia: Kristen DiCarlo, Virginia Beach, VA
Female Lightweight Champion: Kristen DiCarlo, Virginia Beach, VA
Overall Female Champion: Kristen DiCarlo, Virginia Beach, VA
Best Female Poser: Kristen DiCarlo

Male Lightweight Champion: Oscar Pereria, Hyattsville, MD
Male Middleweight Champion: Eugene Collins, Bethesda, MD
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Carl Frady III, Newport News, VA
Male Heavyweight Champion:  Carl Matthews Jr., Las Vegas, NV
Best Male Poser: Carl Matthews Jr.

Congratulations go out to these National Qualified State Champions!


This year 2005 State Championships were not lacking any of the quality that these Championships have presented in the past. The show was small, but pack the punch of an atomic bomb. 2003 Teenage Champion, Jordan Guill came in looking much more improved than his previous condition and a lot bigger. Nikita Silas, at 151lbs made a gallant attempt but his legs wouldn’t allow him to be a threat to Guill this year. Aaron Bishop who finished third, needed a lot more conditioning for this contest.   Newcomer, Mike Williams enjoyed his first win in the (50-59) division and veteran Allen Gatewood won the (40-49) division.  Newcomer to the NPA, Carl Matthews Jr.(35-39) division was truly the man to beat. Not only as a master but would go onto win the Men Heavyweight division and Open Overall title as well. He came in at a bodyweight of 219 from Las Vegas, Neveda and in great condition. He looked absolutely fantastic. This Natural big man will be a threat to all of our contenders in the future if he wants too. Also kados go out to Lightweight Champ, Oscar Pereria, Middleweight Champ, Eugene Collins, and Lt Heavyweight Champ and assistant Gold's Gym manager in Newport News, Carl Frady III for their efforts. 

Dena Banks who competed as a bodybuilder in this show last year, pioneered our first fitness/figure division and got it kick off for the NPA. She was gorgeous and set the bar high enough for those that follow have some tall shoes to fill. Thank you Dena for getting us started. Seventeen year old Kristen DiCarlo from the Morgan’s Wellness Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia not only won the female teen overall title but the female open lightweight title and overall as well. She looked great and displayed the look of a potential National Champion. She has a promising future in Natural bodybuilding.  There were approximately 400 spectators of friends, family and fans making our first show of the year a success.


Dena Banks 2005 NPA Virginia StateýýýýChampion Carl Matthews 2005 NPA Virginia StateýýýýýýýýChampion

2005 NPA Virginia State Champion

From left to right President Harry E. Silas, Dena Banks, Head Judge Randy Batts

Mr. Virginia 2005 

From left to right President Harry E. Silas, Mr. Virgina 2005 Carl Matthews Jr., 2004 Ms Tri-Cities
Dr. Linda Person 

2005 NPA Teens Champions Heavyweight Light Heavy-weight Middle-weight Light-weight

2005 NPA Teenage Virginia State Champions

From left to right 2nd Place Nikita Silas, 1st Place Jordan Guill, 3rd Place Aaron Bishop.

2005 NPA Virginia Champions

From left to right  Heavy-weight Carl Matthews Jr. Lt Heavyweight Carl FradyIII, Lightweight Oscar Pereria, Middleweight Eugene Collins

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