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The 2005 NPA Natural USABodybuilding &Fitness/Figure Championships

Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC


   July 23, 2005


Promoter: Harry E. Silas


Masters (70+):   
Masters (50-59):
Masters (40-49):
Overall Masters

NPA NaturalUSACouples Champions:
Middleweight Champion: 
Heavyweight Champion:

Overall Female Champion: 
Best Female Poser:

Fitness/Figure (Under 5’5”): 
Fitness/Figure (Over 5’5”): 
Overall Fitness/Figure Champion:

Male Lightweight Champion:
Male Middleweight Champion:
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:
Male Heavyweight Champion:

Overall Male Champion:
Best Male Poser:

Dr. Don Morse,  Cherry Hill, NJ
JW Hicks,  Richmond, VA
Keith Rissolo,  Hillsborough, NC
Keith Rissolo

JW Hicks & Toni Johnson,  Dinwiddie, VA
Deborah McVey-Newman,  Haw River, NC
Portia Kershaw,  Brooklyn, NY
Deborah McVey-Newman
Deborah McVey-Newman

Charlene Giddens,  Ellerbe, NC
Lauren Noah,  Burlington, NC
Lauren Noah

Calvin McIntyre,  Chester,VA
Ray Adonay,  Burlington, NC
Tim Clanton,  Chester, VA
Keith Rissolo,  Hillsborough, NC
Tim Clanton
Ray Adonay



This years NPA Natural USA Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Bodybuilding Championships were held in the city of Burlington, North Carolina at the Paramount Theater.   The show was very entertaining and the crowd of 200 spectators enjoyed it as they watched their favorites perform. 


In the 70+ division came two gladiators who started things off. Doctor Don Morse from Cherry Hill, New Jersey is the epitome of fine health. He looked great and the 74 year old athlete was in top form.  Ralph Wheeler appeared to enjoy his experience and also did a fine job. JW Hicks went uncontested in the (50-59) division.  In the (40-49) Keith Rissolo and Michael Flood went at it for this Masters title.  Rissolo came in at 220lbs and was very good.  Flood with more conditioning may have made it a tough night for Rissolo, but for now it will have to be another day, another time, Rissolo clearly won the decision. 


In the women open Deborah McVey-Newman was shredded and body fat was so low she looked like an anatomy chart.  Toni Johnson missed her opportunity and will need more time, she came in as a middleweight and this isn’t where she belongs. In her off season she’ll need to be more focus on her diet.  Newcomer Portia Kershaw came in as a heavyweight weighing 174 lbs. She started at 208 and once she gets her diet in line she’ll be a force that all Natural women will fear.  She went uncontested in the heavyweight class and lost the overall to McVey-Newman. McVey-Newman was also the best poser of the day.


In the women’s fitness/figure (Under 5’5”) Charlene Giddens from Ellerbe, North Carolina came in and appeared to enjoy herself.   In the over (5’5”) Burlington’s own Lauren Noah was clearly the winner and a talent that will go far. Lauren won the overall fitness/figure title easily and will go a long ways in this sport. She’s positively a talent that will go as far as she wants.


JW Hicks and Toni Johnson teamed up and entertained the audience with a solid Couples performance. They lead us right into the Men’s division.   Calvin McIntyre who came in at a tad under 165 won the class over JW Hicks, Jason Winn, and Don Morse. Calvin can win this title in time. He needs that dried out shredded look to appear in one of his overall pose downs.  Ray Adonay, best male poser of the day went uncontested in the middleweight class.  2005 NPA National Champion, Tim Clanton returned to easily take the Lt. Heavyweight title over Stacy Heuple, another brave Natural athlete and Keith Rissolo defeated Michael Flood again, Robert David and Richard Durden for the heavyweight title.


In the Overall pose down, McIntyre, Adonay, Clanton and Rissolo gave the audience a real show.  They all looked great and when all the smoke cleared Tim Clanton would rise as the Overall Male winner and The 2005 NPA Natural USA Champion. This was Tim second big win and he’s now joined the Pro invitation ranks for the Natural Physique Association.   We thank all the fans, families, friends that attended the event and especially the people at the Paramount Theater. Until next year, train hard!

Lauren Noah Michael Flood, Robert David, Keith Rissolo & Richard Durden

Ms 2005 NPA Natural USA (Overall Fitness/Figure Champion
Burlington's Lauren Noah

Michael Flood/Robert David/Keith Rissolo/Richard Durden
Keith Rissolo: Champion/ Heavyweight Class

Randy Batts, Tim Clanton & Harry E. Silas Deborah McVey-Newman & Toni Johnson

Randy Batts/Tim Clanton/Harry E. Silas
Head Judge/Overall NPA USA Champion/President NPA

Deborah McVey-Newman/Toni Johnson
Overall Female Winner/2nd Place finisher in Middleweight class

Portia Kershaw Dr. Ralph Wheeler & Dr. Don Morse

Portia Kershaw
(Female Heavyweight Champion)

Dr. Ralph Wheeler and Dr. Don Morse
Runner-up 70+ and Champion

Ray Adonay Charlene Giddens

Ray Adonay
       Middleweight Class Winner/ Male Best Poser

Charlene Giddens
(Under 5'5" Fitness/Figure Champion)

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