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2005 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional”

High School, Hopewell, VA 23860

3 December 2005


Summary of Contest

This years Tri-Cities (One Session-Live Judged) stage was set from the October 15th, Fall Classic.  Supporters of the Classic returned to make it a successful event. There were only twenty (20) athletes but they came from all over.  The Hopewell “fully accredited” High School provided a beautiful venue with men and women dressing rooms and a huge stage with excellent lighting.


The show turned out well and in December you wouldn’t think such hard tan bodies would look so good.  The competitors were true to their sport and represented themselves, families, friends and fans of about 200 well.

Seventeen old teenage newcomer Heath Rivers, Midlothian, Virginia open the show.  At 163lbs he looked good and may have been nervous but performed like a seasoned veteran.  His trainer Patrick Davis did a fine job preparing him.  Heath crossed over into a couple of other divisions and earned placements in each. Good outing for a first timer. He shared top spot in the couples with his girl-friend Amanda Fields.


Our next group was the Masters men (40-49).  Long timer and dedicated NPA athlete Darryl Thomas, Montpelier, Virginia got the nod in this one.  Darryl returned back to his middleweight form where he belongs and out gunned the division of TD Miller, Charlotte, North Carolina, Michael Flood, Hillsborough, North Carolina, and David Newton, Chesterfield, Virginia.  If Darryl gets his legs to match his upper body he’ll be a force to recon with. In the (35-39) masters division (State-level – National, 40+) returning champ from the Classic, Charles who we will call Charlie, last name Jones, Roosevelt, New York came in as a small Lightheavyweight to defeat the much large 264lb, Kevin Scales, Hampton, Virginia for the top award.  Charlie went on to win the division.


Our Novice division was broken down into two classes, lightweight under 175, and heavyweight over 175. David Newton edged out Kyle Glasgow, Potomac, Maryland by a one point margin to win the lighter class.  Firefighter Timothy Sinz, Nottingham, Maryland convincingly beat his field of TD Miller, Marine Corp’s Jared McGowen, Camp Lejune, North Carolina, Kevin Scales, and Michael Flood.  In the show down again Dave Newton would win the decision by one point. Considering he was the oldest athlete in the show at the age of 45, which is not old by the way, Dave felt pretty good.


Fitness/Figure Championships bought the beauties. After the male bodybuilders kicked things off and got the audience warmed up (the beauties I called them) because they were, lit up the stage. It was like turning the Christmas lights on-on Christmas morning. First time since this shows beginning, figure competition presented. Five lovely ladies pioneered this segment. It probably would have been nice to split the competition up so that every one would have competition in their respected class.  However it wouldn’t be a fair thing either. At registration, concern came when Fredericksburg’s Lori Rawleigh height measured a tad less than 5’5” tall. Lori recently competed in the NGA‘s Mount Rogers where I was the MC and was placed in the tall class. Even though she received a couple of 2nd place votes, she ended up placing 3rd.  Sixteen (16) year old Rebekah England, Cumberland, Virginia who won her class in the Fall Classic came in as beautiful as ever. Her mom Stacy and overall winner of the Fall Classic wanted her to compete as a bodybuilder this time.  Sometimes Mom knows best. Rebekah finished 4th in a tough top three awards short class. If anything this experience will develop character within her and also test her determination and will to win.  Mom, Stacy shared an experience with me of how she entered a NPC show and didn’t make the cut. “I think it only makes you more determined sometimes,” she stated after her Fall Classic and best poser win on October 15, 2005.


New comer Mary Anna George from Prince George/Petersburg Virginia looked gorgeous and has a lot of potential. She shared with me that she wants to compete as a bodybuilder in 2006. Her training partner 2004 Ms NPA Virginia, Toni Johnson will push her as they both prepare together starting January 2nd. Mary placed 2nd and did receive one first place vote from our panel of seven (7) judges. Coming all the way from Lexington Kentucky and attending the University of Kentucky, twenty one (21) year old and beauty Siouxsie pronounced Susie, Gisselberg electrified the stage and received six first place votes. I thought it was a deserving decision and can certainly appreciate when one travels so far to accomplish a goal. In the women over 5’5”, Sherrie White from Newport News, Virginia tall class lone representative had a fairly easy day until she competed against Siouxsie for the overall title.


In the Women bodybuilding another sixteen year older, Amanda Fields, Chesterfield, Virginia kicked things off for the ladies. Just like her boyfriend she was nervous.  However Amanda also performed like the Champion she turned out to be.  She went onto win the teenage, women open middleweight and couples title.


Next, the women masters: (40+) and (35-39) divisions.  All the way from Hazelwood, Missouri, 40 year old Sandra Mills challenged Glen Allen, Virginia’s 39 year old, Sandra Tignor.  These two gladiators were tough and only one point separated them from the panel of seven (7). Both came to win and went uncontested in their divisions. They also represented the women open division. The only difference was Amanda Fields was in the mix winning the middleweight class, Mills won the lightweight and Tignor won the heavyweight. Again only one point separated Mills and Tignor. When all the dust settled, Mills was crowned: Ms Tri-Cites and Best Female Poser.


In the men Open division David Newton unanimously defeated Heath Rivers for the lightweight title. Darryl Thomas dominated Marcus Jones, Columbia South Carolina Kyle Glasgow, and Jared McGowen.  Charles Jones unquestionably from the panel of seven defeated Carl Frady III (Fall Classic Champion) Yorktown, Virgina, TD Miller, and Michael Flood. The Heavyweight was won by Timothy Sinz over Kevin Scales. Sinz has a lot of potential.  When all the smoke left the room Overall champion and newly crowned Mr. Tri-Cities Charles Jones stood tall. This is his second consecutive win. Carl Frady III was awarded Male Best Poser.


The show was well represented and lived up to its reputation of being a tough show and draws National competition.  The states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, New York and Kentucky are commended for residing such talented Natural athletes who shared the holiday spirit with us here in Virginia. Until next year Tri-Cities “keep on pumpin in.”


NPA President, Harry E. Silas


Teenage Male Champion: Heath Rivers           

Teenage Female Champion: Amanda Fields                                                                    


Fitness/Figure Champion (short): Siouxsie Gisselberg

                                          2nd Place: Mary Anna George

                                          3rd Place: Lori Rawleigh

                                          4th Place: Rebekah England


Fitness/Figure Champion (tall): Sherrie White

Overall Fitness/Figure Champion: Siouxsie Gisselberg


Masters Men (40-49) Champion: Darryl Thomas                                                          

                                      2nd Place: David Newton                                      

                                      3rd Place: TD Miller                                          

                                      4th Place:  Michael Flood


Masters Men (35-39) Champion: Charles Jones

                                      2nd Place: Kevin Scales

         Overall Masters Champion: Charles Jones


Novice Lightweight Champion: David Newton

                                    2nd Place: Kyle Glasgow

                                    3rd Place: Heath Rivers

Novice Heavyweight Champion: Timothy Sinz

                                    2nd Place: TD Miller

                                    3rd Place: Jared McGowen

                                    4th Place: Michael Flood

        Overall Novice Champion: David Newton


Women Masters Champion (40+): Sandra Mills

Women Masters Champion (35-39): Sandra Tignor

Overall Masters Champion: Sandra Mills


Women Lightweight Champion: Sandra Mills

Women Middleweight Champion: Amanda Fields

Women Heavyweight Champion: Sandra Tignor

Overall Women Champion: Sandra Mills

             Women Best Poser:  Sandra Mills


Men Lightweight Champion: David Newton

                                2nd Place: Heath Rivers  

Men Middleweight Champion: Darryl Thomas

                                2nd Place: Marcus Jones

                                3rd Place: Kyle Glasgow

                                4th Place: Jared McGowen

Men Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Charles Jones

                                2nd Place:  Carl Frady III

                                3rd Place:  TD Miller

                                4th Place:  Michael Flood

Men Heavyweight Champion: Timothy Sinz

                                2nd Place:  Kevin Scales 

Men Overall Champion : Charles Jones

Men Best Poser: Carl Frady III           

Charles Jones - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia

Charles Jones
(Overall 2005 NPA Tri-Cities Winner)

Siouxsie Gisselberg - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia Sandra Mills - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia

Siouxsie Gisselberg
(2005 Ms. Figure Tri-Cities)

Sandra Mills
(Overall Tri-cities Winner and Best Poser)