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Results of the 2007 NPA Nationals / Masters Universe

                                               June 30, 2007, Saturday
                                      Lee Playhouse, Ft. Lee VA 23801

Masters (60-69):  John Wensich, Pittsford, NY
Masters (50-59): JW Hicks, Richmond, VA
Masters (40-49): Paul Bates, Richmond, VA
Overall Universe Masters Winner: Paul Bates
Figure: (5'5" +): Lori Rawleigh, Fredericksburg, VA
Overall Figure Champion:  Lori Rawleigh
 Female Lightweight Champion: Eliza McWilliams, Cheapeake,VA
 Female Middleweight Champion: Lesa McCoy, Virginia Beach, VA
 Female Heavyweight Champion: Gloria Knight-McNeil, Durham, NC
Overall Female Champion:  Lesa McCoy
 Best Female Poser:  Gloria Knight-McNeil
Male Lightweight Champion:  Rodney Gaines, Virginia Beach, VA
Male Middleweight Champion: Muskie Books, Chase, MD
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:  Paul Bates, Richmond, VA
Male Heavyweight Champion:  Tim Sinz, Nottingham, MD
Overall Male National Champion:  Paul Bates
Male Best Poser:  Scott "Old Navy" Hults, Birmingham, AL
Other Participants were: Richard Burnette, Patrick Wall, Davis Ainsley, Mike Mylius, John Rossman, Toni Johnson, Donnie Ladd,
Dennis Dressler, Jerry Maitland, Jahi Perry, Okpara Kelly, Chad Havunen, Vincent O'Neal, Zack Barnard,
JP Laurent, Sherman Newton, Kelly Pettaway
, and Christy Simmons.

Highlights from the contest:

This years NPA Nationals & Masters Universe mark its 8th season.  Twenty-nine athletes
came out from various parts of the United States bringing their families, fans, and friends to support them.
Prejudging started at 1 pm and went fairly smooth.

  This year there were no (70+) athletes.  However four in shape and motivated (60-69) gladiators started things off.
John Wensich from Pittsford, New York lead the class with 8 points, tied Scott “Old Navy “Hults from Birmingham,
Alabama who also earned 8 points. Both of these athletes had advantages over the other.  John did squeak by
Scot by virtue of the tie breaking method which is standard in NPA judging.  Finishing 3rd was Richard Burnette
from Gibsonville, North Carolina and 4th place was awarded to Patrick Wall from Trafford, Pennsylvania.
  In the (50-59) division, JW Hicks from Richmond, Virginia led the charge with a perfect score of five,
followed by 2nd place Davis Ainsley of Mechanicsville, Virginia and newcomer to the Masters Universe
Mike Mylius from Richmond, Virginia placed 3rd.   The (40-49) division featured three more good looking athletes.
  Last years’ one point overall winner Paul Bates was on a mission to recapture the title.  Dr. Rodney Gaines
from Virginia Beach, Virginia came in great
shape and presented the symmetry to match his conditioning.
Bates, 39lbs heavier wasn’t going to be denied and his condition is equal to any physique natural athlete in the
world bar none.  He finished the class with all first place votes from the seven person panel of judges. 
John Rossman from Birmingham, Alabama finished in 3rd place who also displayed great symmetry.

 Changing the pace and mood of the fans the figure athletes came out in their two piece outfits.  Three classes
were advertised; however the three beauties that entered this event were all 5’5”+ (tall).  Leading the charge was
Ms. Tri-Cities (2006) Lori Rawleigh of
Fredericksburg, Virginia. Only one judge didn’t think she clearly dominated 2nd place
Christy Simmons of Quinton, Virginia and 3rd place Kelly Pettaway of Petersburg, Virginia. I think the six judges had
it right even though Christy came in as a blond and looked gorgeous.  In the one piece round, Christy picked up
ground but not enough to stage an upset. 

Leaving the figure and entering into the women masters’ division there were no (Masters 50+) but there were
three good looking female gladiators prepared to do battle. Lesa McCoy a violinist in the Richmond symphony orchestra,
from Virginia Beach, Virginia displayed a physique that was going to be trouble for all those who wanted to win.
 She absolutely was going to be the buffer.  Eliza McWilliams from Chesapeake, Virginia and only 4’11” tall bought a
muscular package and presented some problems for McCoy. At least 2 of the 7 panel of judges thought McWilliams
was the winner. Gloria Knight-McNeil from Durham, North
Carolina had more muscle and size than both of them.
However her conditioning wouldn’t allow her to defeat either athlete.  Gloria is an accomplished power lifter and
once she masters the art of diet she will be an incredible force.

In the women open division (NPA Nationals) all three ladies entered and represented the lightweight (under 115)
Eliza McWilliams, Middleweight (115 to under 130) Lesa McCoy and heavyweight (130+) Gloria Knight-McNeil.
Toni Johnson, Dinwiddie/Petersburg, Virginia was the addition in the Middleweight class and placed second to Lesa.

In the (NPA Nationals) open men division a lot of crossovers were exercised as well.  The lightweight (under 165):
class was lead by Dr. Rodney Gaines who received 6 first place votes. This was the largest group to hit the stage with
eight athletes. Only the top five would receive awards.  Gaines should have appreciated this win because it was a
challenge and he came out on top. 8th place, Scot “Old Navy” Hults, 7th place, Davis Ainsley, 6th place, Dennis
Dressler from Appomattox, Virginia, 5th place, Jerry Maitland, Jetersville Virginia, 4th place, JW Hicks, 3rd place,
Donnie Ladd, Richmond Virginia, and 2nd place was John Rossman, made this a competitive class.

 In the Middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were only three. However, they also presented a challenge.
Lawrence “Muskee” Books from Chase, Maryland led the charge. 2nd place was claimed by the hard working
Jahi Perry from Hampton, Virginia and 3rd place belonged to Okpara Kelly from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

 The Light heavyweight class (185 to under 200):  A real battle of champions here! One point separated Paul Bates
 a deputy sheriff from Henrico County, Richmond Virginia last year from Mike Uzar, Norwalk Connecticut, when Bates
won the Nationals in 2006.  Prejudging day would bring the same number one-point over Chad Havunen from
Virginia Beach, Virginia. These two big guys needed to huge each other because it was clear that the winner of this
contest was going to be between these two gentle natural titans. 3rd place belonged to Lubbock Texan Zack Barnard,
4th place went to Vincent O’Neal of Colonial Heights, Virginia and 5th place belonged to JP Laurent of Hopewell, Virginia.

In the Heavyweight class (200+): Only two came in and they were prepared. Big Tim Sinz, Nottingham Maryland, an up
and coming champion who I predict will be at the top of the NPA scale by 2009 if he continues won the class over
Baltimore, Maryland Big Sherman Newton. Newton has a great physique but at this level his preparation
(tanning/coloring) lack of, hurts him. He must work on contest preparation in order to display that awesome physique he has.
 Heavyweights are the potential winners in
all these events. Because when they come right, they can’t be beat they not only
have what it takes but enough to go around and keep going around. The saying is when the big man is right the game
is over. This is still true in Natural bodybuilding as it is with BODYBUILDING!
When prejudging was all but over the judges
were taken to Golden Corral where they gathered and shared views! At 7 pm the show was ready to start and the
National Anthem was played and of course the audience showed proper respect for our nation.
The show started
and each athlete performed their 90 second or less routine. Scot “Old Navy” Hults was the male best poser.
He absolutely was very creative and did a splendid job. Gloria
Knight –McNeil on the female side did a superb job and
entertained the audience as if she was Laila Ali on dancing with the stars.  What a night, what a day, what a show! 
The show topped last years’ performance and we the Natural Physique Association like to thank all the families, fans,
and friends of the athletes as well as the athletes that made this show possible. For if it was not for you we would have
no purpose. There was also one complaint that lead to a full investigation and additional $600 in cost to drug test.
 Upon the completion of all tests and committee hearing I’m happy to announce that the standing will remain as they are.
We do believe in drug-free events and we do have a system and process that we follow to protect our organization, athletes,
officials, and our freedom to conduct business in an ethical manner. We try very hard and going into
our 8th year of operation we feel we are heading in the right direction. Remember, you have a choice and if we are
not what you are looking for then we may not be for you!  We are a very proud and an honest organization.
We also are selected about who we let participate in our organization and this is why we have published our Pro listing.
I’d like to recognize Head Judge Narva J. Daniels and her panel of Stephan Kitchen, Arlessa Gray, Randy “Big Arms” Batts,
Sherrie Broome’, Daniel Q. Wright, Debbie Cameron, and Troy Crawley for their hard work and dedication. Also special
thanks go out to Vernell, Rochelle, Nikita, YeSok Silas, Michael Stewart, Roger Simmons, Brenda Epps, Robert Thomas,
RJ Bragg, Nelson, Cynthia Harris, and Lee Farmer. Until next year “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President


NPA Overall Nationals & Masters Universe "Paul Bates"           NPA Overall Nationals & Masters Universe "Lesa McCoy"  NPA Nationals Lt.Wt. Champ "Eliza McWilliams"

Christy Simmons/Champion Lori Rawleigh/ Kelly Pettaway/ Gloria Knight-McNeil/ Toni Johnson/Lesa McCoy- Eliza McWilliams/Dr. Gaines/Paul Bates/John Rossman