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Results: The 2008 Mr. /Ms. North Carolina
Fitness/Figure Championships
12 July 2008
Paramount Theater, Burlington, North Carolina 27215
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Novice Lightweight: Kristopher Simmons, Havelock, NC
Novice Heavyweight: Rob Kincade, Hudgins, VA
Overall Novice Champion: Kristopher Simmons

Masters (40-49): Jerry Garner, Mebane, NC
Masters (35-39):  Al Smith, Efland, NC
Overall Masters Champion:  Jerry Garner

Figure: 5’5” (under): Cheryl Rivera, Burlington, NC
Overall Figure Champion: Cheryl Rivera

Female Masters (35-39): Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Veronica Paylor

Female Middleweight Champion: Melissa Shaffer, Bristol VA
Female Heavyweight Champion: Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC
Overall Female Champion: Veronica Paylor
Best Female Poser:  Veronica Paylor

Male Lightweight Champion: Kristopher Simmons, Havelock, NC
Male Middleweight Champion: Charles McRant, Raleigh, NC
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Al Smith, Efland, NC
Heavyweight Champion:  Jerry Garner, Mebane , NC
Overall Male Champion: Jerry Garner
Best Male Poser:  Charles McRant

Congratulations go out to these 2008 National qualified champions!
Other Participants were:  David Russell and Rob Kincade/


Jerry Garner 2008Mr. North Carolina Melissa Shaffer Cheryl Rivera Ms. Figure 2008 North Carolina

Highlights from the contest:
                                2008 Mr. /Ms. North Carolina Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
12 July 2008/Saturday
Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC 27215

This years Mr. / Ms. North Carolina mark its 3rd season under the NPA flag.  Twelve athletes signed up to make this contest a success.  However, only ten showed up to compete.  Patrick Davis had an incident occur while preparing for this event and as of to date we don’t know his status. His wife Cheryl was supposed to compete in the tall class figure.  The audience really came out and supported this event and made the difference in the success of the show.  Everything started on time and Novice open men, Kristopher Simmons from Havelock, North Carolina opened the show up.  He was followed by Novice heavyweight contestant Rob Kincade of Hudgins, Virginia.  When the two came together for comparison it became real clear that Simmons conditioning was far superb over Kincade.  Simmons went on to win the overall North Carolina novice title.  They were followed by the two figure athletes Cheryl Rivera of Burlington, and Kim Powell-Bailey of Mebane, North Carolina.  Both of these refined ladies look good!  They both were under the 5’5” mark and they competed against each other for the title. When all the smoke cleared Rivera was a bit more polished than Powell-Bailey and she went on to win the title and round 2 in her one piece as well.   The (40-49) division featured only one this year and he was a heavyweight as well who was in superior condition. Jerry Garner came to win and as he did his mandatory poses he waited patiently for (35-39) division’s Al Smith, Efland, North Carolina who bought in excellent symmetry but wasn’t quite as hard as his buddy Jerry. In the overall masters pose down Garner took care of Smith in a unanimous decision by the judges. .

The master’s women presented two in the (35-39), Veronica Paylor of Roxboro, North Carolina and Melissa Shaffer of Bristol, Virginia. Paylor the reigning Ms. Virginia had a unanimous decision over Shaffer.  Both of these athletes crossed over and Shaffer entered and won the middleweight and Paylor enter and won the heavyweight division.  In the open Ms. North Carolina Paylor won the decision and gained new titles; Ms. North Carolina and best female poser of the event.

In the open men division a lot of crossovers were exercised as well.  The lightweight (under 165): class was lead by Kris Simmons who went uncontested.  In the Middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were only two. Charles McRant and last year’s Mr. Novice North Carolina was in top form and won best poser for a third year in a row. Finishing second was David Russell, from Norcross Georgia.
The Light heavyweight class (185 to under 200):  Al Smith of Efland North Carolina and Hudgins Virginia‘s Rob Kincade.  However Smith possessed a little too much talent for Kincade.
 In the Heavyweight class (200+):  Only one came in and he looked good.  Jerry Garner of Mebane, North Carolina look good and will be a dominant force to challenge the best the NPA can muster. In the Open North Carolina overall; Kris Simmons, Charles McRant, Al Smith and Jerry Garner went at it for the overall.  Garner left little doubt who the champion was going to be. McRant gave him a run but was a little to small to upset the massive 206lbs Garner. Al Smith lower body needs more attention. His upper body and symmetry is second to none. Simmons learned what it is to rock with the big boys!  I’d like to recognize Head Judge Daniel Wright, and his panel of Toni Johnson, Randy “Big Arms” Batts,  Mary Anna George, Troy Crawley  their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to JW Hicks,  Ron McCarthy, Narva Daniels,  Michael Stewart, Kam Stewart, Robert Thomas, Lyn Grose, The Paramount theater and its staff and all the test judges to include NPA Pro Gloria Knight-McNeil. Until next year “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President

Ms. 2008 North Carolina, Veronica Paylor Jerry Garner vs Al Smith