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2009 NPA Tri-Cities

Results: The 2009 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional” Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
5 December 2009
Hopewell High School, Hopewell, VA 23860
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Teenage Champion: (13-19): Zack Harper, Mechanicsville, VA

Novice Lightweight: Zack Harper, Mechanicsville, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Solomon Agyeman, Blacksburg, VA
Overall Novice Champion: Solomon Agyeman

Masters (50+): Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem, NC
Masters (40-49): Kyle Montgomery, Colonial Hts., VA
Masters (35-39):  Rob Stanley, Rolesville, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Rob Stanley

Teenage Figure Champion: (13-19): Sarah Van Wassehnova, S. Rockwood, MI

Masters Figure (35-39): Ladonna Montgomery, Colonial Hts., VA
Overall Masters Figure Champion: Ladonna Montgomery

Figure: 5’5” (under): Ashley McCuen, Arlington, VA
Figure: 5’5”(+):  Ladonna Montgomery, Colonial Hts., VA
Overall Figure Champion: Ladonna Montgomery


Masters Female (40+):  Lynn Bridges, Cumberland, MD
Masters Female (35-39):  Heather Bell, Richmond, VA
Overall Masters Champion: Lynn Bridges


Female Lightweight Champion: Lynn Bridges, Cumberland, MD
Female Middleweight Champion: Kim Thumel, Virginia Beach, VA
Heavyweight Champion:  Freda Cothran, Sprout Springs, VA
Overall Female Champion: Lynn Bridges
Best Female Poser:  Lynn Bridges

Male Lightweight Champion: Donnie Ladd, New Kent, VA
Male Middleweight Champion: Kyle Montgomery, Colonial Hts., VA
Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Rob Standley, Rolesville, NC
Heavyweight Champion: Garrison Pollard, Prince George, VA
 Overall Male Champion: Rob Standley
Best Male Poser: Kyle Montgomery


Congratulations go out to these 2009 National qualified champions!


Other Participants were: Herman Gaskins, Victor Maturi, Randy Dodge, Philita Wentworth, David Bowers, Mustafa Khan, Cedric Perry, Vincent O’Neal, Lisa Nieman, and Shawn Molden.



Ashley McCuen Ms. Tri-Cities Short Class Champion Rob Standley (The Tri-Cities Overall Male Champion) LaDonna Montgomery Tri-Cities Overall Figure Champion


The inside scope of the 2009 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional”  Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships


December 5, 2009 the NPA last show of the season was a real challenge. There were twenty four (24)
and some crossovers that made the show a lot larger.  The Hopewell “fully accredited” High School
a beautiful venue with men and women dressing rooms and a huge stage with excellent lighting.
The show
was much better than in year’s of the past.  The weather was not on our side and presented
challenges all day long. We really struggled on getting things going.  We were in positions to have all start
on time however
it was as if time would not let us get to far ahead and was determined to keep things at a
catch up pace. It was midnight by the
time we loaded our last piece of equipment and exited the building.
The athletes were
in great condition and entertained their fans, friends and families commendably. NPA Pro
athletes Justice Starr, Veronica Paylor and Jerry Garner did a fine job with their
guest appearances and
provided additional entertainment to the audience of 200 +

Again the show was live-judged aka one session and a teenage division was added this year thanks to Zack
Harper, of Mechanicsville, VA who went uncontested and
earned the title.  However this would not be Zack’s
only appearance as he crossed
over into the men’s novice and open divisions.  In the men’s lightweight
novice (under
175lbs) new comer and losing 59lbs for this competition Mustafa Khan of Chester, VA
earned 2nd place and teen sensation Zack Harper placed 1st.  In the (175+) heavyweight novice came nine
athletes who were fighting to make the top five. 5th
place was taken by Clark Fischer of Winston- Salem, NC,
4th place went to David
Bowers, Browns Summit, NC, 3rd place Randy Dodge, Lynchburg, VA, 2nd place
Herman Gaskins, Washington, NC and the winner of the class was Solomon Agyeman from Blacksburg, VA.
In the overall posedown between Agyeman and Harper,
Agyeman shape and symmetry was just too much
for the younger Harper to
overcome.  It was a unanimous decision.

In the Masters men (50 +) there were only two; 2nd place finisher was Cedric Perry of Rocky Mount, NC and
1st place winner Clark Fischer who also participated in a cross
over.  (In the 40-49) there were four and only
the top 3 would leave with awards. 3rd
place was awarded to David Bowers who was a 4th place finisher in
the novice, 2nd
place was awarded to Randy Dodge who was a 3rd place finisher in the novice and the
winner was Kyle Montgomery of Colonial Heights, VA who scored a perfect score.  In the (35-39) division
there were three; 3rd place finisher; Virginia State Trooper Shawn
Molden, Colonial Heights, VA 2nd place
finisher Vincent O’Neal, Colonial Heights, VA
and 1st place winner from Rolesville North Carolina; Rob
Standley. When the three
division winners came together for the overall Masters title Rob Standley was the
winner.  Montgomery did receive one first place vote. However, clearly Standley was the best prepared
from head to toe.

Next, the teenage figure was bought out and all the way from South Rockwood, Michigan was uncontested
female teen Sarah VanWassenhnova who appeared to
have a wonderful time. She did crossover and she
quickly understood the difference
between her own physique and a full grown woman.  The masters (40+)
didn’t have
anyone.  However in the (35-39) category LaDonna Montgomery going uncontested earned the
title and she was also awarded the masters female figure overall title. 

Continued beauties (figure open athletes) came out next. Just like in the past, these women collectively
were some of the best, this contest has ever seen.  Five figure
athletes made the division and there were
4 short and 1 tall.  In the short class and
placing 3rd was newcomer teenage Sarah VanWassenhnova.  In
2nd place and making
it very close was Army Captain Lisa Nieman. In the two rounds Lisa received a total
of 5 first place votes.  She gave it all she had however 1st place went out to the beautiful and lovely Ashley
McCuen from Arlington, VA. Ashley is as gorgeous as they
come. In the women tall and placing first was
crossover LaDonna Montgomery.  When the
two LaDonna and Ashley locked horns the fight was on.  As
close as I thought this
would be the judges didn’t think so and made the poise, eloquent LaDonna a
unanimous winner!  We are expecting LaDonna to after her Pro Card in 2010! “Look out Justice Starr!”

In the masters (40+) women there were three and they looked good. 3rd place went to Kim Thumel out of
Virginia Beach, VA, 2nd place was earned by Freda Cothran,
Sprout Spring, VA. Freda has an awesome
amount of muscle and with some more
conditioning preparation she’ll be the gal to beat.  However, the
champion and first
place went to Lynn Bridges of Cumberland, Maryland. Lynn presented the total

package according to the feedback received from the judges.  Masters (35-39) winner Heather Bell,
Richmond, VA was the uncontested winner. When Bell and
Bridges met for the overall title this was Bridges
night and she unanimously got the
decision. In the women open division, each athlete represented a class
for first place; Lynn
won the lightweight (under 115) Kim Thumel represented the middleweight class

(115 to under 130) and Freda represented the heavyweight class (130+).  When all the smoked cleared
pretty much the same results Lynn Bridges would win the title
and also earned the female best poser


In the open men division lightweight (under 165) 2nd place went to Zack Harper and the winner was New
Kent, VA’s Donnie Ladd. In the middleweight (165 to under 185)
there was 3rd place finisher; Mustafa Khan,
2nd place finisher Herman Gaskins, and
the winner was 1st place Kyle Montgomery who also was awarded
the male best
poser.   In the light heavyweight (185 to under 200) Out of 6 the top three was; 3rd place
finisher Randy Dodge, 2nd place finisher Solomon Agyeman, and your winner
was Rob Standley.  The one
lone heavyweight (200+) belonged to Garrison Pollard
from Prince George, VA.  When the posedown took
place amongst the four class
winners and all the smoke cleared Rob Standley was clearly the man.  He
was a 
unanimous winner and now we await Rob to go after the National title in which we hope to see him
compete in July for his Pro eligibility.  This show will be in his back yard Burlington,
North Carolina at the
Paramount theater, “The NPA Nationals.”

 The show was well represented and supported by the fans, families and friends. This time they came from
Maryland, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Canada.
Also special recognition go out to our top
female Pro athletes Justin Paylor, Veronica ,
Paylor and our top male Pro athlete Jerry Garner for their fine
performances as guest posers.
They did a fantastic job! The three were second to none and will be honored
at the 5th annual
NPA banquet on 12/6/09.

Special thanks also go out to: Head Judge, Stephan Kitchen, Judges: Troy Crawley, Toni Johnson, JW Hicks,
Gloria Knight-McNeil, Rodney Barnes, Arlessa Gray, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Chief
Secretary, Minnie Nolan,
Statistician Valerie Foster, Soundman; Danny Wright, Expediter; Ron
Smock-McCarthy Contest
Administrators Michael Stewart, Treasurer, Rochelle Silas, the Hopewell
High School administration and
Ms. Betty Ware./Harry E. Silas

Additional pictures can be viewed on
links/photo flex/NPA 2009 Tri-Cities “Regional”


Solomon Agyeman Novice Overall Tri-Cities Champion NPA Prez Silas & NPA Tri-Cities Female Champion Lynn Bridges RSarah VanWassenhnova Ms. Teenage Figure Tri-Cities