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Results of the NPA Masters Universe & NPA Nationals 
Paramount Theater,Burlington NC 27215
July 17, 2010


Results: The 2010 NPA Masters Universe BodybuildingFitness/Figure Championships
17 July 2010
Paramount Theater, Burlington, North Carolina 27215
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc. 

  Masters Champion (60-69):  Patrick Wall, Trafford, PA
  Masters Champion (50-59): Orin Lee Dennis, Rembert, SC
  Masters Champion (40-49): Joe Sumpter III, Cary, NC
Overall Masters Champion:  Joe Sumpter


Women Masters Champion (50+): Hannah Cohen, Richmond, VA
Women Masters Champion (40-49): Lisa Weber, Cary, NC
Women Overall Masters Champion: Lisa Weber
Best Female Poser:  Lisa Weber



Congratulations go out to these 2010 Pro Qualified athletes!


                Other participants were:  Stacey England, Cumberland VA, Melissa Shaffer, Bristol VA,
                                               Wendall Sparrow, Eden NC, Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem NC, Michael Flood,Hillsborough NC,                                                     
Kestutis  Maciulis, Holly Springs NC, Wil Usher, Washington DC, Kyle Montgomery, Colonial
Heights VA,  and  Tim Davis, Burlington NC.


Results: The 2010 NPA Nationals Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
17 July 2010
Paramount Theater, Burlington, North Carolina 27215
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.



 Lightweight National Champion: Wil Usher, Washington, DC
MidweightNational Champion:Kyle Montgomery,Colonial Hts.VA
Lt.HvyweightNationalChampion:Sherman Newton, Baltimore MD
Heavyweight National Champion: Joe Sumpter III, Cary, NC
Overall National Champion:  Joe Sumpter III
Best Male Poser: Wil Usher


Lightweight National Champion: Hannah Cohen, Richmond, VA
Middleweight National Champion:  Lisa Weber, Cary, NC
Overall Female National Champion:  Lisa Weber
Best Female Poser: Lisa Weber


 Figure: 5’2” (under): Kim Weathers, Charlotte, NC
Figure:  5’2” to under 5’5”:  Janelle Pierce, Spring Lake, NC
Figure: 5’ 5”(+):  LaDonna Montgomery, Colonial Hts. , VA
Overall Figure Champion: LaDonna Montgomery 


Congratulations go to these 2010 Pro Qualified athletes!


 Other Participants are: Stacey England, Cumberland VA,
Melissa Shaffer,
Bristol VA, Erin Keller, Atlantic Beach, NC,
Clark Fischer,
Winston-Salem, NC, Tim Davis, Burlington NC,
Kestutis Maciulis, Holly Springs NC, Myron Holmes, Durham NC,
Jarrius Lindsay,
High Point NC, Robert Herring, Fayetteville NC,
David Mondragon,
Cary, NC, David Smith, Hamlet, NC, Tim
Rocky Mount NC, Marcus Jones, Columbia SC, and Rob
Rolesville, NC.



2010 Mr. Masters Universe/Mr. NPA National Champion Joe Sumpter III 2010 Ms. NPA Nationals Figure Champion: LaDonna Montgomery 2010 Ms. Masters Univers/Ms. NPA Nationals Champion; Lisa Weber


                                  Highlights from the contest:
                                                                      2010 NPA Masters Universe & NPA Nationals
                                                                    Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
                                                                                           17 July 2010/Saturday
                                                                         Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC 27215

This year’s NPA Masters Universe was small but still very entertaining. The Masters went on to represent
the Nationals and did very well there.  The shows are designed to qualify all NPA amateur athletes seeking
their Pro invitation to the Pro Classic to be staged at Virginia State University on October 16, 2010.   It was
also staged at the Paramount Theater a very good venue to put on this kind of show.

The NPA team arrived at the Paramount approximately 9:30 pm on Friday night to meet Lynn Grose.  We
were suppose to have met at 6 pm and it didn’t look as though it would be an issue until we ran into an
accident on I-85 in Virginia. Traffic was back up at least 2hrs.  Very proud of our freshly acquired NPA box
truck and spent $$$ the day before to have the distributor replaced along with getting a tow we really
thought all was well.  

Some where in Butner/Creedmoor (exit 189) North Carolina the water hose burst and this caused all the
anti freeze to deposit all over the ground.  We were lucky enough to find an auto parts store and replace
the hose and anti freeze. However the damage was done and apparently when white smoke was every
where we knew something serious was wrong. Luck was on our side as we found a rental and left our truck
on the property while we continued to Burlington.

The advance party consisted of Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Kerry Barnard, Lonnie Young, Chris Coleman,
Sherry Broome’, Rochelle Silas and myself NPA President, Harry E. Silas.  It didn’t take us long to set up and
by 11 pm we (with the exception of Big Arms & Sherry) were sitting in IHOP enjoying a lite meal.  Afterwards
we reported to our reserved quarters at the Best Western in Burlington.

Our head judge (Big Arms Batts) began the morning with our registration support team; NPA Prez Silas,
Rochelle Silas, Kerry Barnard, Sherry Broome’, Tami Prager and Mike Stewart made things run very smoothly.
  Big Arms started his briefing on time and went over the formality of the show, and prejudging started at
12 noon sharp. By this time everyone was in place and prejudging went very smooth. A total of 27 athletes,
40 with crossovers and special guest made for the final show.  The judges then all met at Golden Coral for
a great meal.

Everyone returned as instructed at 5:30 pm to find 300(+) fans and athletes waiting. The show was scheduled
to start at 6pm. People were in their seats the athletes were ready to go as well. The Masters 60-69 athletes
opened up the show with Patrick Wall, Trafford PA.  Pat didn’t have a challenger in his age group but he did
crossover and competed for the overall masters title, representing his age division.  In the men masters
(50-59) there were three and placing 3rd place was defense attorney Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem NC,
2nd place was Reverend Wendell Sparrow, who really came in good conditioned, the winner of the class was
also a newcomer to the NPA; Orin Lee Dennis, Rembert SC, who did not look his age and bought a great
package.  The (40-49) division was where the stiffest competition resided. There were six of these guys
and they looked totally awesome. However, only the top 5 would receive awards. In 6th place Tim Davis, a
Burlington NC, police officer from Graham finished.  5th place was earned by Michael Flood, Hillsborough, NC,
4th place was Kyle Montgomery, Colonial Hts. VA, 3rd place was Kestutis Maciulis, Holly Springs, NC, 2nd place
was Wil Usher, Washington DC, and the deserving 1st place winner of a very tough division was Joe Sumpter III,
Cary NC.

 When the three division winners met for the overall title, the massive Joe Sumpter III was the clear cut
winner. This was the best look Joe had bought to the NPA since his arrival. Congratulations Joe, you are
the man!

There were no Masters figure athletes to participant – however there was one master figure athlete who
competed in the NPA Nationals. After such a fine start from the masters men athletes we bought out the
figure athletes to add to the program.  At the National level there are 3 classes in the figure division. In the
under 5’2” class and uncontested was Kim Weathers, Charlotte NC who really look ready.  In the medium
5’2” to under 5’5” class was 2nd place finisher, Erin Keller, Atlantic Beach NC and the winner of the class
was Janelle Pierce, Spring Lake, NC.  In the tall class 5’5”(+) determined to get her Pro status in order was
the only athlete in the class but she’s been a regular in the NPA, since the 2009 Tri-Cities; LaDonna
Montgomery of Colonial Heights, VA.  When the three met for the overall NPA National title LaDonna with
the exception of one judge received all first place votes. Congratulations LaDonna you are the woman!

Then came the Masters Women bodybuilders. In the Masters Women (50+) was 2009 Ms. Virginia; Hannah
Cohen, Manakin Sabot VA winning that division uncontested. In the (40-49) there were three and they all
looked good. For the hardware 3rd place went to Melissa Shaffer, Bristol VA, 2nd place was awarded to
returning 2005 fall classic champion Stacey England, Cumberland VA and 1st place went to Lisa Weber,
Cary NC.  When Hannah and Lisa went at it for the overall Masters Women title Weber got a perfect score
from every judge. 

In the women open division it was the same contestants performing. Hannah Cohen won the women’s
lightweight class (under 115) and in the middleweight class 115 to under 130 in 3rd place came Melissa
Shaffer, 2nd place was Stacey England and the winner was Lisa Weber. Once again Cohen and Weber were
the deciding factors and nothing would change as Lisa Weber won her second overall National title. She
also was challenged for the best poser award in which she won as well. Lisa looks incredibly good. She’ll
be ready for the Pro division this year.  However if Stacey can return to her 2005 conditioning it will be very
interesting to see how these two gladiators vie against the competition and each other. Stacey’s already
sent her entry fee to the NPA Natural USA another pro qualifier.  Congratulations go out to you Lisa Weber
and good luck to you Stacey England!

In the men lightweight class (under 165) there were six good looking athletes who all came to win. However
only the top 5 would earn hardware (awards) 6th place was David Mondragon, Cary NC who was a little soft
for this level of competition. Great physique needs more conditioning. 5th place was earned by Jarrius
Lindsay, High Point NC. He claims he knows Fantasia Barrino (American Idol Champion). 4th place was
awarded to 700 (+) deadlift champion Robert Herring, Fayetteville NC, 3rd place went to tough Myron Holmes,
Durham NC, 2nd place went to 50+ year old Orin Lee Dennis, Rembert SC, and the champion of the class was
Wil Usher, Washington DC. Wil never looked so good. He positively was ready for this show. The men open
middleweight class (165 to under 185) featured six athletes as well.  6th place went to Patrick Wall, Trafford
PA, 5th place was awarded to Tim Davis, Graham NC, 4th place to Marcus Jones  Columbia, SC, 3rd place went
Tim Rose, Rocky Mount NC, 2nd place was awarded to David Smith, Hamlet, NC and the winner of the class
was Kyle Montgomery, Colonial Hts. VA.  In the men Lt. Heavyweight class (185 to under 200) there were
three. 3rd place went to Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem NC, 2nd place was awarded to the very disappointed
Rob Standley, Rolesville, VA who look really good.  However veteran and experienced Sherman Newton,
Baltimore, MD came in hard as nails and today would not be denied the light heavyweight title. Sherman
clearly won the class. In the heavyweight class (200+) there were two and the 2nd place award went to
Kestutis Maciulis, Holly Springs, NC and the winner was big Joe Sumpter III, Cary NC.  When the four met
for the overall title the only one that had a chance against big Joe was Sherman and he couldn’t get the job
done. We’d also like to again recognize Wil Usher who was runner-up champion. He also won the male best
poser award.  Congratulations go out to big Joe Sumpter III.  This year’s Pro show is going to be very

I’d like to thank Head Judge Randy “Big Arms” Batts, and his of panel judges and officials; Kerry Barnard,
Narva Daniels, JW Hicks, Gloria Knight-McNeil, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Tami Prager, and Rodney Barnes,
Stephan Kitchen, Sherry Broome’ for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to Rochelle
Silas, Michael Stewart, Lee Page, Lynn Grose, Dave Wright and Paramount theater. Until next time “keep on
Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President       

Patrick Wall Mr.Masters Universe (60-69) NPA Prez Harry Silas and Mrs. Wall 2010 Kim Weathers Ms. NPA Figure short class Champ 2010 Hannah Cohen Masters  Universe (50+) Champ/ NPA Nationals LW Champ