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Results: The 2010 NPA Fall Classic Bodybuilding &Fitness/Figure Championships
                                                           Amateur Division
                                                           16 October 2010
                                Anderson – Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806
                                             Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

                           Junior (20-22): Bobby Puryear, Chesterfield, VA

                    Novice Heavyweight: Bobby Puryear, Chesterfield, VA
              Overall Novice Champion: Bobby Puryear

                      Masters (50+):  David Newton, Chesterfield, VA
                      Masters (40-49):  Kenny Hudson, Midlothian, VA
                      Masters (35-39): Tim Rose, Rocky Mount, NC
                    Overall Masters Champion:  Tim Rose 

           Masters Figure: Masters (40+): Elizabeth Larsen, Springfield, VA
                     Overall Masters Figure:  Elizabeth Larsen

                  Figure: 5’5” (under): Lynsie Cavey, Colonial Hts. VA
                        Figure: 5’5” (+):  Elizabeth Larsen
                          Overall Figure Champion: Lynsie Cavey

                      Male Lightweight Champion:  Tim Rose, Rock Mt., NC
                 Male Middleweight Champion: Bobby Puryear, Chesterfield, VA
                 Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Adam Minter, Lynchburg, VA
                  Male Heavyweight Champion: Michael Jackson, Fultondale, AL
                              Overall Male Champion: Tim Rose
                                        Best Male Poser:  David Newton 

                Congratulations go out to these 2010 State qualified champions! 

              Other Participants were: Alicia Hibbs, Roanoke, VA, Joe Wojtach,
                                 Colonial Hts., and Dennis Dressler, Appomattox, VA.


                         Highlights from the contest:
                                     2010 Fall Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
                                                                          16 October 2010/Saturday
                                VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806

This year’s NPA Fall Classic was again small and for the first time did not bail the Pro show out since the
Pro show didn’t need a bailiff.  Purpose of the Fall Classic is to provide assistance to the Pro show so the
promoter doesn’t lose his shirt. It is also a very good show for those whom have never won or feel they
are ready to take their first test.

Eleven total athletes showed up and participated in the show.  The plan was to have the amateurs go on
second  behind the Pro division for the prejudging and perform first for the finals at the night show ahead of
the Pros. We were a little late starting, scheduled for (6 pm) however once we got started things went
 fast!  Big arms Batts opened the show by singing the National Anthem and received a standing ovation. 
By the time the amateur athletes came out the judges were exhausted during prejudging as a result of the Pro

The amateur master figure class started with master’s figure athlete Elizabeth Larsen, Springfield, Virginia
and for a lady who is 55 years young she looked fantastic. What a way to celebrate your first title. Then
came the open figure class (Under 5’5”).  Lynsie Cavey, Colonial Heights, VA earned 1st place out pointing
the very lovely Alicia Hibbs, Roanoke, Virginia who placed 2nd. This left Cavey and Larson to vie for the
overall  figure open title because in the tall (5’5” +) open class Elizabeth Larsen crossed over and won the
class.  Cavey and Larsen met in the overall challenge and Cavey who was simply irresistible won the title.
This was also Lynsie first show!

The junior division (20-22) flourished uncontested winner Bobby Puryear, Chesterfield, VA.Bobby was very
well prepared especially being his first contest.  The men novice was next and they were all over the
lightweight 175 lb limit. Five (5) heavyweight novice athletes competed for three places.  In 5th place was
Michael Jackson, Fultondale, Alabama, Joe Wojtach, Colonial Heights, Virginia another newcomer finished 4th
place, 3rd place was earned by 6’ 4” Kenny Hudson, Midlothian, VA, coming in second place was Lynchburg,
Virginia; Adam Minter, another good looking athlete and the winner of  the novice was first timer crossover
Bobby Puryear. Since there was no one to compete against in the lightweight class for the overall; Bobby
was declared the overall novice champion.

In the men masters (50+) there were two; 2nd place finisher and crossover, Michael Jackson. The winner of
the class was David Newton, Chesterfield, Virginia who just turned 50.  In the men masters (40-49) there were
also two; 2nd place finisher and crossover, Joe Wojtach, Colonial Heights, Virginia and winner of the class
was crossover, Kenny Hudson. In the men masters (35-39) there were two; 2nd place finisher Dennis Dressler,
Appomattox, Virginia and the tough Tim Rose, Rocky Mt., North Carolina and winner of the class.

When the three (3) gladiators came together to determine the overall winner Rose got the decision with Newton
2nd, and Hudson 3rd.  Rose worked real hard for this title losing a lot of weight to earn his second overall win
in the Natural Physique Association (NPA). He won this same contest last year in the masters's decision.

The classic did not have any female bodybuilding participation this year! Not a good indicator for women
bodybuilding. However the show and program will go on as we prepare for the “new bikini” competition in

Then it was the open men division and crossovers did the job. In the men lightweight class (Under 165) was
3rd place finisher; Dennis Dressler, 2nd place David Newton and winning 1st by one single point was Tim Rose.
In the men middleweight class (165 to under 185); Bobby Puryear was the lone contestant. In the Lt. Heavy
weight class (185 to under 200); 3rd place was Joe Wojtach, 2nd place was Kenny Hudson and the winner of
the class was Adam Minter. There was only one heavyweight in the class (200+); that was Michael Jackson.
When the four went at it for the overall fall classic title Tim Rose won the decision by one point over Bobby
Puryear, followed by Adam Minter and Michael Jackson. Best poser went to David Newton.  Of course we’d
like to thank all the fans, friends, families and athletes that made this event possible. Until next year keep on
pumpin/NPA President; Harry E. Silas.




Stacy England; Ms. NPA 2010 Pro Champion 2010 Mr. NPA Pro CLassic Champion; Gerald Bo Allen 2010 Ms NPA Pro Classic Champion;Stacy England


.Results: The 2010 NPA Pro Classic Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
Professional Division
16 October 2010
Anderson – Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc
You could hear the cheers, yells, screams, cries of the fans, families, and friends who came out to support
                                                                                         their favorites. Roughly 350+ spectators in the audience sounded that The NPA Pro men had arrived. 

Women Pro Figure Division

1.  Dena Banks, Chesterfield, VA - $750
                  2.  LaDonna Montgomery, Colonial Hts., VA- $350
    3.  Vachon Bullock, Centerville, VA - $300
 4.  Angela Barnhill, Lexington, KY- $275
      5.  Janelle Pierce, Springs Lake, NC - $250

Women Pro Bodybuilding Division 

               1.  Stacy England, Cumberland, VA - $750
                                2.  Latoynia Ransom-Harvey, Newington, VA- $350
3.  Lisa Weber, Cary, NC - $300
            4. Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC- $275
              5. Karen Romer, Midlothian, VA - $250

 Men Pro Bodybuilding Division

                  1.  Gerald “Bo” Allen, Durham, NC - $1100
    2.  Bobby Boyd, Graham, NC- $500
3.  Joe Sumpter, Cary, NC- $350
        4.  Jerry Garner, Mebane, NC - $300
                            5.  Daniel Q. Wright, Colonial Heights, VA - $250

NP=No Pay
                        6.  Kyle Montgomery, Colonial Heights, VA-NP
           7.  Doug Hailey, Newport News, VA-NP
               8.  Steve Haywood, Windsor Mill, MD-NP
    9.  Orin L. Dennis, Rembert, SC-NP
       10.  William Edwards, Richmond, VA-NP
        11.  Robert Herring, Fayetteville, NC-NP
    12.  Calvin McIntyre, Chester, VA-NP
                        13.  Irving “Hercules” Peoples, Richmond, VA-NP
            14.  Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville, VA-NP
                      15.  Scott “Old Navy” Hults, Birmingham, Al-NP
                   16. Garland Maitland Nance, Durham, NC-NP

  Highlights from the contest:
2010 Pro Classic Bodybuilding Championships
16 October 2010/Saturday
                             VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806


                                                                                        After all the amateurs did their thing the Pros were bought out.  This year the Pro show was the best the
                                                                                        NPA has ever presented in numbers and quality. There were 5 Figure athletes, 5 female bodybuilders and
                                                                                        16 competitive NPA male pro bodybuilders. 
The women Pro figure division started things off with the first 
                                                                                        round (two piece suit custom line up). LaDonna Montgomery, Colonial Heights, Virginia dominated this 
                                                                                        round as she led according to the nine panel Judge’s sheet.  She was followed by Dena Banks, Chesterfield
                                                                                        Virginia, Vachon Bullock, Centreville, Virginia and Angela Barnhill, Lexington Kentucky who tied for the 
                                                                                        third place slot, leaving Janelle Pierce, Spring Lake, North Carolina in the 5th place position.
When the second round (one piece attire) was summoned; Dena Banks gained ground and tied
                                                                                         LaDonna for first. Vachon and Angela moved up for the third place position. In the final round
                                                                                         when Angela and Vachon met for the 3rd and 4th place respectively Vachon out pointed Angela
                                                                                         by one point and Dena outpointed LaDonna by three points. Dena deserved the win and after a
                                                                                         rocky tough year competing in other sanction events she timed this one right and at the end of
                                                                                         the night won the NPA Pro figure 2010 title. 
Only 5 of the eligible 17 qualified NPA female pro bodybuilding            
                                                                                         athletes participated.  Both athletes from last year returned and taking 5th place was Karen Romer, Midlothian,
s claimed by NPA National Champion; Lisa Weber, Cary, North Carolina, 2nd place belonged to
                                                                                         2003 Champion Latoynia Ransom-Harvey, Newington, Virginia and the 2010 champion this year was Stacy 
                                                                                         England, Cumberland, Virginia who revenged her lost to Weber in the Masters Universe, NPA Nationals back in
                                                                                         July.   These ladies put on a great show for the audience and represented their profession well. 

                                                                                         Sixteen hunks came out on the stage at one time.  The prejudging was conducted early this afternoon and
                                                                                         head judge Stephan Kitchen took 45 minutes to get it right the NPA. Even though only the top five would receive
                                                                                         a payoff all 16 were awesome in their own way. The audience thoroughly enjoyed them. In 16th place was the star
                                                                                         of the night and at 72 years old Maitland Nance, Durham, North Carolina bought the house completely down.
                                                                                         His routine was one of the best of the night. 15th place was earned by Scott “Old Navy” Hults,Birmingham, Alabama
                                                                                         and 67 years young also had a pretty awesome routine. He and Nance was honored with plaques at the end of the night.
                                                                                         14th place went to Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville, Virginia who equally had a great routine. Chesterfield Police
                                                                                         officer Irving
 “Hercules” Peoples, Richmond, Virginia placed 13th. Barber and gym owner Calvin McIntrye , Chester
                                                                                         Virginia placed 12th.  Master Sergeant Robert Herring, Fayetteville, North Carolina finished 11th. 2010‘s Virginia State Champion
                                                                                         William Edwards, Richmond, Virginia finished in 10th place. Rembert, South Carolina’s Orin Dennis grabbed 9th place, Pro 
                                                                                          incumbent S
teve Haywood, Windsor Mills, Maryland who won this title before placed 8th. 2002 -2007 Champion Doug Hailey
                                                                                          placed 7th and absolutely had the entire audience enjoying his wild – Wild West routine.  Newcomer
                                                                                          and husband of LaDonna Montgomery, Kyle Montgomery, Colonial Heights, Virginia placed 6th and did receive one 4th place
                                                                                          vote from the judges. Then there were the top five. 5th place belonged to and just coming of his 2010 NPA Natural
                                                                                          USA win; Daniel Q. Wright, Colonial Heights, Virginia.  4th place was claimed by the reigning champion, Jerry Garner, Mebane, 
                                                                                          North Carolina, 3rd place went to 2010 NPA National & Masters Universe Big Joe Sumpter, Cary, North Carolina, 2nd place went
                                                                                          to the die hard and determined to win Bobby Boyd, Graham, North Carolina. The champion this year was the man who was runner
                                                                                          up athlete of the year last year; Gerald “Bo” Allen, Durham, North Carolina. Bo was the complete and best package of the day! His
                                                                                          routine was donated to the breast cancer society. This has to be his best performance and outing while being a part of the NPA.
                                                                                         Congratulations Bo and all the Pro athletes that made this contest the best NPA Pro event so far on record. 
 I’d like to thank Head 
                                                                                         Judge Stephan Kitchen, and his nine panel of judges and officials; Kerry Barnard, Gloria Knight-McNeil, JW Hicks, Sherry Broome’,
                                                                                         Troy Crawley, Tami Prager, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Toni Johnson, and  Arlessa Gray (the judges).  Officials include; Randy “Big Arm” Batts,
                                                                                         expediter, Cynithia Reid,  Rochelle Silas, Michael Stewart, Minnie Nolan, Robert Thomas, Dwayne Mimms, Lonnie Young, Kevin and Heather 
                                                                                         Garrett. Yourdonus James, the VSU administration and the Virginia State University. Also like to recognize Big Arm Batts 
                                                                                         for his fine rendition of the National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner). Until next year “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President               
Congratulations go out to these Natural Physique Association Professional athletes. Until next year all whom status is: indefinite status, begin your
                                                                                          preparation now for next year. On any given day one of you NPA Pro athletes can wear the number 1, which is a lonely number!
To be honored at our
                                                                                          December 5, 2010 5th annual Banquet is all of our achievers especially Stacy England and Gerald “Bo” Allen as NPA Male/Female Pro athletes of the    
                                                          year.  The event is reserved for 50 spectators to include awardees.  Invitations will go out by the first of November. If you are interested contact NPA
                                                                                          President, Harry E. Silas at Fee is $35 per person, food, music, and fun. We are going to have a ball!





 Photos can be viewed at Links, Photo Reflect, Fall/Pro Classic./Harry E. Silas

Lynsie Cavey,  2010 Ms. Fall Classic Figure Champion The top 5; Garner, Boyd, Allen, Sumpter, Wright 2010 NPA Pro Champion;Legendary Maitland Nance