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Results: The 2011 NPA Masters Universe Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure & Bikini Championships
28 May 2011
Henrico Theater, Highland Springs, Virginia 23075
Sponsor:  NPA- Bodybuilding - USA


Masters (60-69):  John Lankford, Spartanburg, SC
Masters (50-59): Roger Godsey, Concord, VA
Masters (40-49): Stacy Jones, Spartanburg, SC
Overall Masters Universe: Roger Godsey

Masters Women: (40-49):  Amy Beach, Roebuck SC
Overall Masters Women Universe: Amy Beach
Best Female Poser: Amy Beach


Masters Figure: (50+):  Heidi Lassiter, Wake Forest, NC
Masters Figure: (40-49):  Andi Grant, New Bern, NC
Masters Figure Overall:  Andi Grant

Congratulations go out to these 2011 newly Pro qualified NPA athletes!

Others participants were:  Tammy Crookshank, Disputanta VA, Kennis Sigmon, Norfolk VA, Mark Williams, Charlottesville VA, Mike Mylius, Richmond VA, Clifton Smith Jr., Wadesboro NC, Curtis Payne, Omaha NE, Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC, Robert David Sr., Hamlet NC, and Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield VA.  



Results: The 2011 NPA Nationals Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure & Bikini Championships
28 May 2011
Henrico Theater, Highland Springs, Virginia 23075
Sponsor:  NPA- Bodybuilding – USA

            Figure (5’2” to under 5’5”):
Andi Grant, New Bern, NC
                Overall Figure Champion: Andi Grant

       Women Lightweight Champion:
 Amy Beach, Roebuck, SC
              Overall Female Champion:  Amy Beach
                        Best Female Poser:  Amy Beach

Male Lightweight Champion: Robert Davis, Spartanburg, SC
Male Middleweight Champion: Josh Swygart, Cary NC 
Male Light heavyweight Champion:  Joel Brown, Bowie, MD
  Heavyweight Champion: Robert David Sr., Hamlet, NC
  Overall Male Champion:  Josh Swygart, Cary NC
      Best Male Poser: Curtis Payne, Omaha NE
                                        Couples Champions: Amy Beach & Scott Brady 

 Congratulations go out to these 2011 newly Pro qualified NPA athletes!

Others participants were:  Tammy Crookshank, Disputanta VA, Andrew Williams, Warrenton VA, Mike Boland, Oakton VA, Stacy Jones, Spartanburg SC, Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield VA, Derrick Tresize, Richmond VA, Stanley Jeffries, Spartanburg SC, Nathan Comfort, Richmond VA,and Clifton Smith Jr., Wadesboro NC.  


2011 NPA National Overall Champion: Josh Swygart 2011 NPA Nationals Overall Female Champion; Amy Beach 2011 NPA Masters Universe Overall Champion; Roger Godsey

                        Highlights from the contest:
                                              2011 NPA Masters Universe & NPA Nationals
                                       Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
                                                                  28 May 2011/Saturday
                                               Henrico Theater, Highland Springs, VA 23075

This year’s NPA Masters Universe was a little bit larger then last year and held at a different venue along with new promotion by the NPA-Bodybuilding-USA; JW Hicks and Ron Smock-McCarthy.  Little more excitement bought in this year by the state of South Carolina who represented well.  As last year the masters went on to represent the Nationals and did ok.  The shows are designed to qualify all NPA amateur athletes seeking their Pro invitation to the Pro Classic to be staged at Virginia State University on October 15, 2011.   It was also staged at the Henrico Theater a very good venue to put on this kind of show.

The NPA team partially arrived at the Henrico Theater approximately 8:30 am on Saturday morning to begin set up.  JW and Ron were the first ones on the scene with the NPA’s box truck.  It didn’t take long to get things in order and we began registration at 10:00 am as schedule. Things went very smooth.

Our head judge NPA Pro bodybuilder Daniel Wright began the morning with our registration support team; NPA President Silas, Rochelle Silas, JW Hicks, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Heather and Kevin Garrett, Herman Hicks, and Troy Crawley.  Danny started his briefing on time and went over the formality of the show and prejudging started at 1 pm sharp as scheduled.  By this time everyone was in place and prejudging went very smooth. A total of 24 athletes, 35 with crossovers made for the final show.  Most of the judges engaged with Domino’s pizza & drink for the meal, provided by NPA –Bodybuilding- USA during the break.   

Everyone returned as instructed at 4:15 pm to find 300(+) fans and athletes gathering. The show was scheduled to start at 5pm and it did. People lock in their seats and the athletes were ready, and as tradition has it the observance of the United States of America and the star spangled banner was sounded.

We were a little surprised that we didn’t have any bikini athletes at this level.  The Show as did prejudging open with Masters Figure (50+); Heidi Lassiter, Wake Forest, NC went uncontested in her category. In the Masters figure (40-49) athletes 2nd place Tammy Crookshank, Disputanta, VA and the winner of the class, Andi Grant, New Bern, NC performed gracefully and entertained their fans. When Heidi and Andi met for the overall Masters Figure title; Andi unanimously won the decision.   

In the women Nationals figure and coming in this year under 5’2” was Sophie Nguyen, Springfield, VA who looked very good. She went uncontested and that bought the medium height class 5’2” to under 5’5” class athletes which were the two masters universe women whom crossed over into the competition. Tammy Crookshank and Andi Grant appeared and nothing changed as far as the judging was concerned.  Andi repeated her win over Tammy and proceeded on to win the overall National title as well against Sophie. In the end they all were winners.

 The next bit of business would be the newly offered Jr. Division (20-22). This division was created so that we could attract youth to our Pro division which is now dominated by Masters over 40 athletes. This year there were two, 2nd place Andrew Williams, Jeffersonton, VA and 1st place and winner of the division Josh Swygart, Cary, NC. This young man is the real deal and has the talent to achieve stardom.  Only time will tell with him.

It was then back to the Masters Universe. The (70+) division didn’t represent this year but two did come to represent the (60-69) division. In 2nd place and looking darn good was retired Naval Captain Kennis Sigmon, Norfolk, VA. The winner of the class was John Lankford, Spartanburg, SC and he really bought it.  John also runs one of the largest “unsanctioned” bodybuilding events in the state of South Carolina. In the (50-59) division they came out and what a good class. 5th place was captured by Mike Mylius, Richmond, VA who’s been at this for awhile. 4th place finish was only a one point difference from fifth and went to Clifton Smith, Wadesboro, NC. 3rd place was the return of one of the most accomplished natural athletes in all the United States of America; Curtis “the rock” Payne, Omaha, NE. He wasn’t in the best physical shape for this event as has in days of old but he was still great enough to win the male best poser award over all others. 2nd place went to Mark Williams, Free Union, VA and the winner of the class was Roger Godsey, Concord, VA who got a perfect score and looked very impressive himself. In the (40-49) division class 4th place went to Robert David, Rockingham, NC followed by 3rd place finisher; Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC. 2nd place was awarded to Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield, VA, who is getting better and needs to continue challenging his diet. The winner and it was unanimous, Stacy Jones, Spartanburg, SC.  He also bought in a nice package.

 When the three division winners met for the overall title, It was clear that John and Roger was going to entangled into a tremendous battle. Both of these guys wanted this title. It was going to be between the 50 year old and the 60 year old this year. Stacy was there but that’s it. When all the smoke cleared and all was settled Roger got the decision by one vote. Congratulations go out to Roger!

Next was the Masters Woman bodybuilder. Not many women represented bodybuilding this year. It’s like they are a dying breed.  Any rate in the (40-49) there was one and she looked good. She will absolutely be a force in the women Pro division if she decides to go for it. I see no reason for her not too. She’s piling up a truck full of trophies at every show she’s doing.  Oh yeah, her name is Amy Beach, Roebuck, SC. She also crossed over into the NPA Nationals and won the women’s lightweight class (under 115) and the overall title and best female poser uncontested. Congratulations Amy, now go after Stacy, Latoynia, Lisa and the pro girls.

In NPA Nationals; the men lightweight class (under 165) there were five athletes who all came to win.  5th place was earned by crossover Hakeem Ali-Ber, 4th place was awarded to Mike Boland, Oakton, VA, 3rd place went to crossover Andrew Williams, 2nd place went to crossover Stacy Jones, and the champion of the class was Robert Davis, Spartanburg, SC.  He positively was ready for this show.

 The men open middleweight class (165 to under 185) featured three athletes.  3rd place went Derrick Tresize, Richmond, VA, 2nd place was awarded to Stanley Jeffries, Spartanburg, SC and the winner of the class was crossover Josh Swygart. VA.  In the men Lt. Heavyweight class (185 to under 200) there were three. 3rd place went to Nathan Comfort, Glen Allen, VA, 2nd place was awarded to crossover Curtis Payne. The winner of the class and deserved his win was Joel Brown, Bowie, MD. Joel come to win and looked very impressive. He also stood out over the crowd of great athletes.  In the heavyweight class (200+) there were two and the 2nd place award went to crossover Clifton Smith and the winner was big Robert David another crossover.

 When the four met for the overall title, the battle began. It was clear that Joel and Josh were not going to be denied by David or Robert or anyone else. It was a very tough challenge between the two determined athletes. Again when all the smoke cleared one champion would be standing. It was going to be Josh Swygart from big Joe Sumpter III home town.  

Congratulations go out to Josh Swygart.  This year’s Pro show will be very interesting if Josh and the others show up. Every athlete that participated in this show and won his/her class, division or overall qualified to receive an invitation to be at Virginia State University this October.  Congratulations go out to all that made this show a great success. Also finishing the show was with a great couple’s routine and act was Scott Brady and Amy Beach, both of South Carolina. We’d like to congratulate them as well on the fine performance.

I’d like to thank Head Judge NPA Pro bodybuilder Danny Wright and his of panel judges and officials; Karen Romer, Stephen Kitchen, Arlessa Gray, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Kerry Barnard, and Toni Johnson, for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to Rochelle Silas, Herman Hicks, Ethel, Troy Crawley, Kevin Garrett, Robert Thomas, test judges, Dena Banks, Venus Glover, Matt Marshall, Ephraim Mosley, Heather Garrett, and big special thanks goes out to; promoters Ron Smock-McCarthy and JW Hicks and the Henrico police/sheriff dept and staff at the Henrico theater and anybody that we may have forgotten. Until next year “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President       

2011 Overall Masters Universe/NPA Nationals Figure; Andi Grant 2011 NPA Nationals Pro Couples; Amy Beach & Scott Brady 2011 Masters Universe (50+): Heidi Lassiter