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                       Results: The 2011 NPA Pro Classic Bodybuilding
                                & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
                                                Professional Division
                                                   15 October 2011
                        Anderson – Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806
                                     Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

Male Pro Athletes Placement

1st Place – Jerry Garner, Mebane, North Carolina --$750
2nd Place –
Robert Herring, Fayetteville, North Carolina - $350
3rd Place –
William Edwards, Richmond, VA - $300
4th Place –
Daniel Q. Wright, Colonial Heights, VA - $ 275
5th Place –
S. Correll Heard, Woodbridge, VA - $250
6th Place – Roger Godsey, Concord, VA – NP


Female Pro Athletes Placement

1st Place – Amy Beach, Roebuck South Carolina - $750
2nd Place –
Lisa Weber, Cary North Carolina - $350
3rd Place - Freda Cothran, Spout Spring, Virginia - $300


                                        Figure Pro Athletes Placement

1st Place – Dena Banks, Chesterfield Virginia - $750
2nd Place –
Kimberly Weathers, Charlotte North Carolina - $350
3rd Place –
Vachon Bullock, Centreville Virginia - $300
4th Place – Jane Carter, Appomattox, Virginia - $275


                                         Highlights from the contest:
                               2011 NPA Pro Classic Bodybuilding/Fitness & Figure Championships                
                                                                       October 15, 2011/Saturday
                                          Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, VSU, VA 23806


After all the amateurs did their thing the Pros were bought out.  Figure Round one started things off. There were only four (4)
and the best NPA had this year.  First out was newcomer Kimberly Weathers, Charlotte North Carolina who was beautiful and
elegant. She received one;  1st place, five 2nd place votes and one  3rd place vote and pretty much the same in round two; one
piece suit, finishing 2nd in the competition. The second athlete was Vachon Bullock, Centreville Virginia,  and she is also a beautiful
athlete with lots of potential. She received six 4th place votes and one 3rd place vote in both rounds, finishing 4th overall in the
competition. Newcomer Jane Carter, Appomattox, Virginia made her debut and received one 2nd place vote, five 3rd place votes, and
one 4th place vote in  both rounds. Her overall placement was third. Finally the returning champion came out Dena Banks, of
Chesterfield Virginia. Dena had it going on and she clearly and decisively won the competition with six 1st place votes, and
2nd place vote in both rounds. Her music was Latin and her one piece suit was really on point. Congratulations go out to all these
wonderful ladies and Dena Banks.  

In the female Pro bodybuilding there was only three this year. However, they were very entertaining and good. You could hear the
cheers, yells, screams, cries of the fans, families, and friends who came out to support their favorites. Roughly 350 spectators in the
audience sounded for the ladies of the competition. 3rd place finisher and newcomer Freda Cothran, Spout Springs, Virginia recently
coming off her win in September at the NPA Natural USA had plenty of muscle and size. Once Freda fine tunes her diet
she will be the face of the NPA. Freda received five 3rd place votes and two 2nd place votes. Second place was awarded to Lisa Weber,
Cary, North Carolina
. Lisa received five 2nd place votes and two 3rd place votes. Her lower body lagged a bit behind her awesome upper
body. Her routine was on point and she could have been a little darker due to the excellent lighting- up from last year. Finally, newcomer
and shredded Amy Beach, Roebuck South Carolina finished the class with a perfect score of ones by all seven judges. Amy is a class athlete
and accepts defeat as well as victories. We respect her and were plenty happy for her dominance in the championship. She was very emotional
and touched us all. She will be honored at the NPA December 4th banquet and will guest pose for us in the Tri-Cities on December 3rd. May Amy
retain her title for many years to come.

Finally the NPA Pro men arrived. Unlike last year a record breaking performance only six (6) pro males took advantage of the opportunity and
supported the NPA’s effort. However, I am thankful and grateful to those special six.  I don’t get off on numbers quality is always better than quantity.
The judges had a difficult time with the top five. Only 6th place and newcomer Roger Godsey, Concord Virginia got all 6th place votes from the seven
panel of judges.  5th place was awarded to newcomer 2011 Mr. Virginia and Mr. NPA Natural USA; S. Correll Heard, Woodbridge Virginia. He received three
5th place votes, two 4th place votes and two 3rd place votes. 4th place was awarded to NPA head judge; Daniel Q Wright, Colonial Heights, Virginia. He
received one 5th place vote, two 4th place votes, one 3rd place vote, two 2nd place votes, and one 1st place vote. 3rd place was awarded to 2010 Mr. Virginia
and last year 10th place finisher; William Edwards, Richmond Virginia. Bill received two 5th place votes, two 3rd place votes, two 2nd place votes, and one 1st
place vote. 2nd place was awarded to the future threat to the division; Robert Herring, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Robert received one 5th place vote, two
4th place votes, one 3rd place vote, and three 1st place votes. He looked great the best I’ve ever seen him look. He’s positively a threat to this title in years
to come.   The returning champion of 2008, 2009 and 4th place finisher in 2010;  Jerry Garner from Mebane NC was calm and relaxed this time.  He seemed
assertive, confident and ready to take care of business in which he did.  Congratulations Jerry on your win. A win is a win no matter how close. Don’t sleep
on your competition they will be gunning for you – it’s lonely at the top.  On 4 December 2011 Jerry Garner will be presented the NPA’s Top Male Pro athlete
of the year award and guest pose at the NPA Tri-Cities “Regional” on December 3rd in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

I’d like to thank Head Judge Randy “Big Arms” Batts, and his panel judges and officials; Sherry Broome’, Stephan Kitchen, Arlessa Gray, Troy Crawley, Karen
Romer, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Daniel Moore, for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to Rochelle Silas, Michael Stewart, Minnie Nolan,
Robert Thomas, Lee Page, Luralee Dowling, Cynithia Reid, Matt Marshall, JW Hicks, Ephraim Mosley, John Robinson, Venus Glover, Melissa Minton-Shaffer,  
Yourdonus James, the VSU administration. Until next time “keep on Pumpin”. / Harry E. Silas/NPA President

 All Photos can be viewed at Links, Photo Reflect,2011 Fall/Pro Classic./Harry E. Silas

Condolescene :  Go out to the Dwayne Mimms family (Videographer) who was schedule to shoot the show but lost his mother in law days before the event.     





NPA Pro Overall Male Champion: Jerry Garner w/ NPA President NPA Overall Figure Pro Champion: Dena Banks NPA Overall Female Pro Bodybuilding Champion Amy Beach


                           Results: The 2011 NPA Fall Classic Bodybuilding
                                & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
                                                   Amateur Division
                                                   15 October 2011
                        Anderson – Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806
                                     Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

                       Teenage (13-19): Calvin McIntyre Jr., Chesterfield, VA

                     Novice Lightweight: Calvin McIntyre Jr., Chesterfield, VA
Novice Champion Overall: Calvin McIntyre Jr.             

                        Masters (50+): Pete Golden, Whispering Pines, NC
Masters (40-49): Art Littlejohn, Spartanburg, SC
Masters (35-39): Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD
Overall Masters Champion: Sherman Newton           

                                 Masters: Bikini (40+): Traci Campbell, Appomattox, VA               
                                  Overall Masters Bikini: Traci Campbell
                              Bikini: 5’5” (under): Marissa Schwitz, Chester, VA
                                           Overall Bikini Champion: Marissa Schwitz
                          Masters Figure (40+): Melissa McKay, Prince George VA      
                                                     Overall Masters Figure:
Melissa McKay

                                   Figure 5’5” (under): Tiffany Roberts, Church Rd. VA
                                              Figure 5’5” (+) Tall):
Lindsay Williams, Fishersville, VA
                                                    Overall Figure Champion:
Lindsay Williams
                                     Fitness 5’5” (Tall): Lindsay Williams, Fishersville, VA
                                           Overall Fitness Champion: Lindsay Williams

                                  Masters Women (40+): Allyson McPhaul, Spartanburg, SC
                                               Overall Masters Champion: Allyson McPhaul

                                     Female Middleweight Champion:  Candida Walton, Fayetteville NC
                                    Female Heavyweight Champion:   
Atiya McNair, Colonial Hts. VA
                                                                 Overall Female Champion:  Candida Walton
                                                                    Best Poser:   Atiya McNair    

                                 Male Lightweight Champion:  Pete Golden, Whispering Pines, NC
                                        Male Middleweight Champion:  
Art Littlejohn, Spartanburg, SC
                                      Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:  Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD
                                                              Overall Male Champion:  
Sherman Newton
                                                                             Best Male Poser:  Art Littlejohn 

                                                      Congratulations go out to these 2011 State qualified 

                Other Participants were:  Scott Brady, Spartanburg SC, Cedric Perry, Rocky Mount NC,
                            Devan Hughes, Sutherland VA, Kristie Howard, Woodbridge VA and Kitty Payne.




Overall Fall Classic Champion: Sherman Newton, w/ Carol Morgan & hubby! Overall Fitness & Figure Fall Classic Champ: Lindsay Williams w/reps Fall Classic bikini beauties; Marissa Schiwitz, Devon Hughes, Traci Campbell


Highlights from the contest:
2011 Fall Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
15 October 2011/Saturday
                         VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806


This year’s NPA Fall Classic was a lot more exciting than last year.  The show is a great show for those whom never won an overall.  Seventeen (17)
great athletes showed up for competition.   The plan as in last year was to have the amateurs go on second behind the Pro division for the prejudging
and perform first for the finals at the night show ahead of the Pros. We started the Finals competition with the playing of the National anthem with the
women fitness. However this write up will begin with the bikini masters. Traci Campbell from Appomattox, Virginia would go uncontested and win the
entire division and overall master’s bikini title. She looks really good for a woman in her 40’s.  In the open bikini under 5’5” tall competition was a little
stiffer as three athletes represented. In 3rd place was Traci who crossed over, 2nd place was Devon Hughes, Sutherland, Virginia and the winner of the
class and overall title belonged to Marissa Schiwitz, Chester, Virginia. Then came the women Masters (40+) figure where one woman by the name of
Melissa McKay, Prince George, Virginia went uncontested and won the division and overall Masters title. In the open figure (under 5’5”) short class
was crossover Melissa McKay who placed 2nd to 1st place winner; Tiffany Roberts, Church Road, Virginia. In the 5’5”(+) class, 3rd place was  claimed
by Kristie Howard, Woodbridge, Virginia, 2nd place went to Kitty Payne, Spartanburg, South Carolina and 1st place went to Lindsay Williams, Fishersville,
Virginia. When Roberts and Williams met for the overall title Williams unanimously got the nod from the judges for the title. (Special Note): Lindsay
opened up the contest with an excellent fitness presentation and earned the overall fitness title as well.  Super job Lindsay!

In the teenage division there was only one and he looked good. Calvin McIntyre Jr., Chester, Virginia won the (13-19) division and overall teenage title.
He also crossed over into the Novice division and there were no Novices entered into the show (lightweight or heavyweights).  Mr. McIntyre Jr. won that
as well. It’s called being in the right place at the right time.

 The masters (50+) bought out two this year. 2nd place went to Cedric Perry; Rocky Mt., North Carolina and 1st belonged to Pete Golden, Whispering Pines,
North Carolina. In the (40-49) division there was also two. 2nd place went to Scott Brady, Spartanburg, South Carolina and 1st place went to his home boy
Art Littlejohn, Spartanburg, South Carolina.  In the (35-39) division Sherman Newton, Baltimore, Maryland was the man. When Golden, Littlejohn and Newton
came together Newton got the nod for the overall Masters champion.

The women Masters (40+) had one and her name was Allyson McPhaul, Spartanburg, South Carolina. She would win the division and the overall Masters title. 
She crossed over into the women open middleweight class and earned 2nd place and 1st place went to Candida Walton an army Captain stationed at Ft. Bragg,
North Carolina. 
In the women heavyweight class, SFC Atiya Mc Nair, Colonial Heights, Virginia stationed at Ft. Lee, would be named the winner and only contestant in the class.
 When Mc Nair and Walton got it on for the overall open title, the Captain was a little too much for the Noncommissioned officer. However Mc Nair was voted the
contest best female poser.  They both look good and really did a fine job representing female bodybuilding. 

In the open lightweight men class; one athlete crossed over into the class and that was Pete Golden.  In the middleweight class; Scott Brady finished in 2nd place.
The winner of the class was Art Littlejohn who was a crossover from the masters. In the light heavyweight class there stood Sherman Newton.  Sherman almost
missed going out with the class as a result of an error that was discovered and corrected by NPA President, Harry E. Silas which saved the day for Newton. When
Golden, Littlejohn and Newton came together for the pose down; Newton was crowned the 2011 Fall Classic overall champion and Littlejohn was the contest best
male poser. We’d like to thank all the fans, friends, families and athletes that made this event possible. Until next year keep on pumpin/NPA President; Harry E. Silas.