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The NPA Professional Ranks 2007 Male & Female

Lesa is acknowledge as the NPA Top Female Pro Athlete of the 2007 year and will be presented an award at the 2nd annual NPA banquet, December 2nd. She also will be one of the guest posers at the 2007 NPA Tri-Cities "Regional" Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships on December 1st.

Lesa McCoy-Virginia Beach, VA/Toni Johnson-Dinwiddie,VA/Charlie Moss - Portland, ME

                     Some of the participates of the NPA Si-Flex Pro Classic  10/20/07

Big Tim Sinz placed fourth in the 2007 Si-Flex Pro Classic and had a tremendous year in 2007. He will be acknowledge as the 2007 NPA Iron Male athlete of the year. Just one year ago he won the Tri-Cities and advance to his Pro card in less than a year!

Linda Carpenter - Ashburn, VA/    Ken Bierly - Brick, NJ/   Big Tim Sinz - Nottingham, MD

Updated Photos of all the winners and contestants can be viewed at: go to links/ Photoflex/ continue/ then look under NPA Fall Classic.


Results: The 2007 Si-Flex Fall/Pro Classic Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
Amateur Division
20 October 2007
VSU, Virginia Hall, Petersburg 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Teenage (13-19): Jerry Maitland III, Jetersville, VA

Masters (40-49):  Dan Hunter, Manassas VA
Masters (35-39):  Jerry Maitland Jr., Jetersville, VA
Overall Masters Champion:  Jerry Maitland Jr.

Figure: 5’5” (under): Pam Greer, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Figure: 5’5”(+):  Lindsay Williams, Charlottesville, VA
Overall Figure Champion: Lindsay Williams

Novice Lightweight: Jerry Maitland III, Jetersville, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Ryan Riebau, Arlington, VA
Overall Novice Champion: Ryan Riebau

Female Masters (40+):  Veronica Coy, Sanford, NC
Female Masters (35-39):  Melissa Shaffer, Bristol, VA
Overall Masters Champion: Veronica Coy

Female Middleweight Champion:  Melissa Shaffer, Bristol, VA
Female Heavyweight Champion:  Veronica Coy, Sanford, NC
Overall Female Champion: Veronica Coy
Best Female Poser:  Melissa Shaffer

Male Lightweight Champion:  Jerry Maitland Jr. Jetersville, VA
Male Middleweight Champion:  Adam Furman, Richmond, VA
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Ryan Riebau, Arlington, VA
   Overall Male Champion: Ryan Riebau
          Best Male Poser:  Jahi Perry, Petersburg, VA

Congratulations go out to these 2007 State qualified champions!

 Other Participants were:  Gail Moyer, Glen Pacyna, Yohance Fleming, and Angela Wynn Brice. Davis Ainsley scratched from contest due to late registration.   

  Results: The 2007 Si-Flex Fall/Pro Classic Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
20 October 2007
VSU, Virginia Hall, Petersburg 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


                                                               Women Pro Division

1.       Lesa Mc Coy, Virginia Beach, VA - $1200

2.      Gloria Knight-McNeil, Bahama, NC - $400

3.      Linda Carpenter, Ashburn, VA - $350

4.      Cid Davis, Washington DC,- $300

5.      Toni Johnson, Dinwiddie,VA - $250


                                                        Men Pro Division


1.      Doug Hailey, Newport News, VA - $1200

2.      Kent Bierly, Brick, NJ - $400

3.      Stephen Haywood, Columbia, MD - $350

4.      Tim Sinz, Nottingham, MD - $300

5.      Charlie Moss, Portland, ME - $250

6.      Carl Frady III, Newport News, VA – NP

7.      Keith Rissolo, Hillsborough, NC – NP

8.      Gordon Kinsey, Mebane, NC – NP

Congratulations go out to these Natural Physique Association Professional athletes. Until next year all who are indefinite status begin the preparation for next year now. On any given day one of you NPA Pro athletes can wear the number 1, which is a lonely number!

To be honred at our December 2nd Banquet is Doug Hailey and Lesa McCoy as NPA Pro athletes of the year.  

    The inside scope of the 2007 Si-Flex Fall/Pro Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships


 October 20, 2007 the NPA hosted its 6th fall and Pro Classic championships.  The Contest was held at Virginia State University’s Virginia Hall in its (state of the art) Anderson – Turner auditorium.  The show was a success and provided the best Pro turn out thus far. We’d like to thank the friends, fans and families of all the athletes that made this event a success. There were no walk-ins this year, and one who was disqualified due to being tardy for registration. 

The show started at 1pm where prejudging of the amateurs set the stage. Teenager Jerry “Slick” Maitland III went uncontested. However this 13 year old young boy has a serious future in bodybuilding if he sticks with it. Next the Masters (40-49) division presented Dan Hunter and (35-39) division presented Jerry Maitland Jr. the father of Slick.   

Each would win their class uncontested. In the finals Jerry Jr. would win the Masters overall title over Dan. In the women figure competition there were a total of four, two under 5’5” and two 5’5’ +. In the short class Angela Wynn Brice who look beautiful and no one would guess she was over 50 years young tied with 2007 Ms. North Carolina figure champ “Pam Greer.  Lindsay Williams defeated Gail Moyer in the tall class. When the finals came later that night Pam got the decision over Angela and Lindsay got the decision over Pam for the overall Ms. Figure fall classic champion.  The men Novice lightweight class resulted in 4th place Dan Hunter, 3rd place Jerry Maitland Jr., 2nd place Adam Furman and the winner was Jerry Slick Maitland III, who beat his dad. In the men Novice heavyweight class 3rd place went to Yohance Fleming, 2nd place went to Jahi Perry, along with best male poser and the winner was newcomer Ryan Riebau.  In the finals Riebau and Maitland III went at it for the overall title and Riebau a law enforcement officer from Arlington Virginia was declared the winner.

  In the women masters 40+ competitor Veronica Coy bought in a very good package and too bad she was uncontested. However in the (35-39) division Melissa Ball Shaffer also went uncontested and earned best female poser in the finals. When the two went at it for the overall title, Coy was a unanimous winner.


  When the men open class came on lightweight Glen Pacyna place second and the winner was Jerry Maitland Jr. In the men middleweight class Dan Hunter placed 2nd and the winner was Adam Furman. In the men open Lightheavyweight, 3rd place belong to Yohance Fleming, 2nd place belonged Jahi Perry and the winner was Ryan Riebau. When the three came together, Maitland Jr., Furman and Riebau vied for the overall title. Riebau being the better conditioned athlete unanimously took the decision and deserved the win.


 The finals started off with the female NPA Pros. Boy did they start things off. As the audience of a couple of hundred cheered and got behind them with much energy. Toni Johnson competing in her first Pro show after winning a couple of state and National NPA titles finished 5th. Toni in order to win at this level will have to get her weight and overall conditioning down to low numbers. Cid Davis who took 4th place, presentation and routine will help her get closer to first place. 3rd place finisher Linda Carpenter still has the best symmetry of all but like Johnson needs too come in harder and smaller. 2nd place Gloria Knight McNeil presented the most muscle of all the ladies. Her routine was great and she’s an excellent poser. However she too, could drop 5-8 more pounds. The winner Lesa McCoy presented the best package and her conditioning was superb.  This athlete will be tough for all to beat because she knows the meaning of conditioning and getting use to winning. 


 In the men Pro division 8th place went to Gordon Kinsey. Gordon has been here before but hasn’t been on stage in quite awhile.  He’s going to have to be more active in order to compete at this level and finish in the top five. Keith Rissolo which was a little bit of surprise earned 7th place. Keith really struggle and couldn’t quite get it going against his competition. 6th place was claimed by newcomer Carl Frady III who made a gallant effort and shows a lot of promise at this level. 5th place was the last money prize in which Charlie Moss presentation clearly moved him into the slot. He was also sliced in his upper body. Charlie routine got a great round of applause. 4th place went to newcomer and big man Tim Sinz. If I may say this big guy can be the future of this organization. He’s a big young good looking athlete that in just a short time has moved up the chain. 3rd place went to Stephen Haywood who has the best symmetry in the male division. His conditioning was just a little off but he has the talent to win this competition. Second and first place was a battle of the titans and the two tied in score. Kent Bierly and Doug Hailey put on a show. They both wanted it and you could flip a coin and either athlete would do the placement justice. This year the champ and now 6Xs winner of this title belonged to Doug Hailey. Neither man dominated, they both did a splendid job. Kent Bierly has vowed to return in 2008 and get what he says is rightfully his. The officials lead by Head Judge Narva Jones Daniels, Stephan Kitchen, Sherrie Broome’, Marcus White, Arlessa Gray, JW Hicks, Mary Anna George, Daniel Moore, Debbie Cameron, Troy Crawley, Vernell Silas, Rochelle Silas, Nikita Silas, Hugh Hannah, Minnie Nolan, Michael Stewart, Yourdonus James, Roger Simmons and everybody that made the show a success, thank you!  Until next year 2008 the NPA signs off for this contest. / Harry E. Silas      


  Photos can be viewed at links/photoflex/