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The 2008 Nationals/Masters Universe Bodybuilding Championships

Highlights from the contest:

2008 NPA Nationals & Masters Universe Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
June 2008/Saturday
                                              Lee Playhouse, Ft. Lee, Virginia 23801

This years NPA Nationals & Masters Universe mark its 9th season.  Only eleven athletes came out from various parts of the United States bringing their families, fans, and friends to support them. Even though the turn out was small with no female athletes to be found the show was still a good one. Prejudging started at 1 pm and went fairly smooth.  This year there was one (70+) athlete,   George Buddy Hopson from Virginia Beach, Virginia. At 74 years young Buddy did his long time winning song in the finals and got the small audience of 100 spectators motivated to Christopher Cross’s run like the wind.  In the next division (60-69) three gladiators started things off.  Scott “Old Navy” Hults, from Birmingham Alabama returned with the intent to earn his pro card. He looked great and his posing routine was second to none as he swept that for a second year in a row.  However to my surprise, “Old Navy” could not get by newly 60 years old, Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville Virginia who was 10lbs heavier and just as good of shape.  The judges made it very clear who they thought the winner was as Davis got a perfect score of 5, even though one judge thought that Navy were the better of the two.   Navy is a tremendous human being and I was pulling for him.  He’s the most determined athlete I’ve ever met. If I know the Navy he’ll be back with a new strategy and plan.  Finishing 3rd was Patrick Wall from Trafford, Pennsylvania who was a fourth place finisher last year.   In the (50-59) division, JW Hicks from Richmond, Virginia led the charge with a perfect score of five uncontested. He put on more size in his upper body and came in heavier this year at 157lbs.   The (40-49) division featured three more good looking athletes.  Ray Adonay of Burlington North Carolina clearly won the division and only one judge thought differently.  Second place went to Thurman Campbell from Snow Camp, North Carolina and only by one point over Dan O’Neil from Virginia Beach, Virginia. A little more leanness for Dan and he will be a force like his girlfriend NPA Pro Lesa McCoy.

In the (NPA Nationals) open men division a lot of crossovers were exercised as well.  The lightweight (under 165): class was lead by JW Hicks who received 6 first place votes. This was the largest group to hit the stage with four athletes. All the top four would receive awards.  Hicks should appreciate this win because it was a great challenge and he came out on top.  Scott Hults of Birmingham Alabama, finished 4th place, and Davis Ainsley placed 3rd and Jerry Maitland who placed much better than last year finished 2nd.

In the Middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were only two. Ray Adonay was in top form as he prepared himself for the overall title by beating Patrick Wall with little doubt.  

The Light heavyweight class (185 to under 200):  Reigning champion Mr. North Carolina Bobby Boyd from Graham came in thick and hard as nails at 199 lbs .  He looked great and accomplished what he came to do over second place Sherman Newton of Baltimore, Maryland.  Sherman also came in hard as nails and could have been a real threat to Boyd, but his presentation wouldn’t allow him to beat Boyd, the champ.  Boyd is the real deal and will be a force for the upcoming Pro Classic, 29 November in Burlington, North Carolina.

In the Heavyweight class (200+): Only one came in and he looked good.  Thurman Campbell of Snow Camp, North Carolina look good and I predict will be a champion that will dominate the Pro ranks as well.   When prejudging was all but over the judges were taken to little CCs where they gathered and shared views!  At 7 pm the show was ready to start and the National Anthem was played and of course the audience showed proper respect for our nation.

In the masters overall George Hopson, Davis Ainsley, JW Hicks and Ray Adonay were the gladiators. Ray Adonay was just a tad better than the remaining division champs. He earned a perfect score of 5. Hicks was 2nd, Ainsley placed 3rd and Hopson was 4th.

In the Nationals overall; JW Hicks, Ray Adonay, Bobby Boyd and Thurman Campbell were the show stoppers. When all the smoke cleared Bobby Boyd was the top seed and top addition to the NPA Pro ranks. Adonay was 2nd, Campbell was 3rd and Hicks placed 4th.

 What a show!  The show did not top last years’ performance and was the smallest NPA Nationals/Universe ever held especially at the Lee Playhouse, where we've had some real doozes.  The Natural Physique Association would like to thank all the families, fans, and friends as well as the athletes that made this show possible. For if it were not for you we would have no purpose.  We try very hard and going into our 9th year of operation we feel we are still heading in the right direction. The Country at this time appears to be heading toward a recession and the cost of gas is unreal. Remember, you have a choice and if we are not what you are looking for you have other options.  That's the beauty of being an American. We take pride in representing Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure.  Congratulations go out to our newest Pro eligibles.  Please check our authoized Pro listing for your name.

I’d like to recognize Head Judge Randy “Big Ams” Batts, and his panel of Stephan Kitchen, Arlessa Gray, Sherrie Broome’, Daniel Q. Wright, Troy Crawley, Mary Anna George, Toni Johnson for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to Rochelle Silas, Michael Stewart, Aaron Bishop, Robert Thomas, Kerry Barnard, Tommy Blackburn,  Alex, David, and Lee Farmer. Until next year “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President       


Scott "Old Navy" Hults Contest Male Best Poser                        JW Hicks (50-59) Division Champion                       George "Buddy" Hopson (70+) Champion            

Scott Old Navy Hults JW Hicks George Buddy Hopson

Results: The 2008 NPA Nationals & Masters Universe Bodybuilding

Fitness/Figure Championships

28 June 2008

Lee Playhouse, Ft. Lee, VA 23801

Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Masters (70+): George “Buddy” Hopson, Virginia Beach, VA
Masters (60-69):  Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville, VA
Masters (50-59): JW Hicks, Richmond, VA
Masters (40-49): Ray Adonay, Burlington, NC
Overall Masters Universe Champion: Ray Adonay

 Male Lightweight Champion:  JW Hicks, Richmond, VA
Male Middleweight Champion: Ray Adonay, Burlington, NC
Male Light Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Boyd, Graham,NC
Male Heavyweight Champion: Thurman Campbell, Snow Hill, NC
   Overall Male Champion: Bobby Boyd

Best Male Poser: Scott “Old Navy” Hults

 Congratulations go out to these 2008 Pro Qualified champions! Other Participants were:  Patrick Wall, Dan O’Neil, Jerry Maitland Jr. and Sherman Newton.  Photos can be viewed under     

Bobby Boyd Ray Adonay Davis Ainsley (60-69) Division Winner

Bobby Boyd 2008 Mr. NPA Nationals Champion                    Ray Adonay Mr. 2008 Masters Universe Overall Champion          Davis Ainsley (60-69) Division Champion