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The NPA Fall/Pro Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

Lisa Nieman Overall Figure Fall Classic Champion Justin Starr 2009 NPA Pro Figure Athlete of the Year! Veronica Paylor Pro Champ w/ Karen Romer runner-up


Results: The 2009 Si-Flex Fall Classic Bodybuilding

Fitness/Figure Championships

Amateur Division

24 October 2009

VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Novice Lightweight: Miles Baker, West Point, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Jason Embler, West End, NC
Overall Novice Champion: Miles Baker

Masters (50+): Miles Baker, West Point, VA
Masters (40-49): Rick Manago, Woodbridge, VA
Overall Masters Champion:  Miles Baker


Masters Figure: (35-39): Angie Stoher, Church Rd,VA
Overall Masters Figure Champion: Angie Stoher

Figure: 5’5” (under): Lisa Nieman, Prince George,VA
Figure: 5’5” (+):  Angie Stoher, Church Rd, VA
Overall Figure Champion: Lisa Nieman

Women Open Lightweight: Randi Mack, Annandale,VA
Women Open Middleweight: Christy Lee-Carter, Burke,VA
Overall Women Champion: Christy-Lee Carter
 Best Female Poser:  Christy Lee-Carter


                                                                                                    Male Middleweight Champion: Miles Baker, West Point,VA
                                                                                           Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:  Rick Manago,Woodbridge,VA
                                                                                                              Overall Male Champion: Miles Baker
                                                                                                                           Best Male Poser:  Rick Manago


                                                                                              Congratulations go out to these 2009 State qualified champions!

 Other Participants were: Krissie Zurik, Jason Embler, Jamaal Gray,

 Jerry Martin and Deborah Brown.



 Results: The 2009 Si-Flex Pro Classic Bodybuilding

Professional Division

24 October 2009

VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Women Pro Figure Division
Justin Starr, Hillsborough, NC- $750
Dena Banks, Chesterfield, VA - $350
Lori Rawleigh, Fredericksburg, VA - $300


 Women Pro Bodybuilding Division
        Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC- $750
       Karen Romer, Midlothian, VA - $350


Men Pro Bodybuilding Division

     Jerry Garner, Mebane, NC - $750
Yohance  Fleming, Newport News, VA - $350
     Carl Frady III, Newport News, VA - $300
       Steve Hawkins, Spartanburg, SC - $275
            Davis Ainsley, Midlothian, VA - $250  


                                                                                                     Congratulations go out to these NPA Professional athletes.


                                                                                       Until next year all whom status is: indefinite status, begin your preparation now for next year.

                                                                                       On any given day one of you NPA Pro athletes can wear the number 1, which is a lonely number!

                                                                                       To be honored at our December 6, 2009, 4th annual banquet are all of our achievers; to
                                                                                       include Justin Starr, Veronica Paylor and Jerry Garner as NPA Female/Male Pro athletes of the year.
                                                                                      The event is reserved for 30 guests.  Invitations will go out by November 1st. If you are interested contact
                                                                                      NPA President, Harry E. Silas at  Fee is $35 per person, food, and music.


Miles Baker/ Overall Novice/Masters & Open Fall Classic Champion Jerry Garner 2009 NPA Pro Champion of the year Christy Lee-Carter w NPA President Harry E. Silas


                       Highlights from the contest:
                            2009 Fall Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships                            

                                                           24 October 2009/Saturday
                       VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806


This year’s NPA Fall Classic was again small but continued to packed a punch. The show was designed to

assist the Pro show. It is also a very good show for those who have never won or feel they are ready to 
their first test.  The NPA team arrived at VSU around 8:45 am to meet the event coordinator. The
party arrived the night before and sat up the venue. However, minor adjustments were still made to

complete the venue.  JW Hicks (head judge) organized his team and under the direction of NPA’s President

Harry Silas sat the registration area up.  Once they got started things lasted till noon.  Hicks went on to

conduct his athlete’s briefing and went over the formality of the contest.  Prejudging started at 1 pm sharp

and approximately 100(+) fans supported the first half of the event.


The first time ever NPA Pro Figure division athlete’s started the action. Justin Starr, from Hillsborough NC

earned 6 first place votes of the 7 judge’s score in round one.  She also did the same in round 2 and only 4

in round 3. However, at the end of the night she was the clear winner over second place finisher Dena Banks

from Chesterfield VA.  Dena did manage to earn a total of 3 first place votes, one in each round. She also

earned a total of 6 third place votes in the three rounds. Dena looked great as did all the contestants.  The

general consensus though is that 5-7 more pounds would give her a fuller look which would be a plus to her

gorgeous presence.  After all this is figure and not bodybuilding. Lori Rawleigh from Fredericksburg bought

plenty of shape and size just needs a little more conditioning and she will be a greater threat to the title.

She did earn one first place vote in round three.


The men’s amateur lightweight novice was the next class to be called up. Jamaal Gray from Lynchburg VA

presented a symmetrical harmonious package. He looked as if he was going to win at least according to one

of the judges. His lone competitor Miles Baker from West Point VA did not have great symmetry, but he

was the most conditioned athlete seen on stage since Paul Bates. Miles even though 54 years old was

unbelievably hard. No one in the contest was going to match his condition. Six of the seven judges supported

this fact.   The men heavyweight class featured police officer Jason Embler from West End NC. He was the

lone contestant who later went onto the finals against Miles Baker. After all the smoked cleared Miles was

 crowned the overall novice champion. 


In the men masters (50+) Miles Baker represented the division. The (40-49) Rick Manago from

Wood bridge VA and deputy sheriff was the lone contestant this year. This lead to a show down between 

he and Miles and again Miles conditioning did it for him.

The Masters figure another new event added to the program was next to be called.  There were only two

and they both look good. However Angie Stoher from Church Rd, VA made a great improvement from her

last performance in North Carolina.  Deborah Brown from Moseley VA gave her a run but it was clear Angie

did her homework and went onto to win the Masters Figure title.

In the women open figure title and under 5’5” tall, United States Army Captain, West Point graduate,

airborne, and air assault qualified Lisa Nieman from Prince George VA clearly defeated Deborah Brown who

crossed over from the Masters figure to the open.  The 5’5”(+) tall class was represented by Angie Stoher,

the Master’s champ who returned to challenge Lisa for the open title. This was a tough one for the judges

and when all the smoke cleared Lisa Nieman squeaked it out by one point. Congratulations go out to Lisa!


In the Masters (40+) female division there was only one. Her name was Randi Mack from Annandale VA

and she was feisty and full of excitement.  Her conditioning was great. She was uncontested in the Masters
went onto win her class and the overall title.


In the women open Randi returned to represent the lightweight class and she came out giving it all she had.

Then came the women middleweights which was led by Christy Lee-Carter from Burke Va who dominate 2nd

place finisher Krissie Zurik from Sandston VA. Zurik coloring was not applied properly and it streaked her and

 put her at a disadvantage.


When Carter and Mack met in the overall it was a cat fight. Mack earned two 1st place votes. However,

Carter earned 5 first place votes and clearly demonstrated she had the best overall package for the night

according to the judges.  She also earned the best female poser award. 


The men open middleweight class featured three athletes, two of which had crossed over. Third place

finisher Jerry Martin was a unanimous vote by all seven judges, 2nd place Jamaal Gray did receive one

first place vote but it was clear that Miles Baker was the middleweight champion and was not going to be

denied. Miles did advance to the overall and defeated Rick Manago who won the Light heavyweight title
over Jason Embler.  Manago earned the male best poser award.  Miles Baker accomplished something

that has happen a few times in the NPA. Congratulations go out to him for this outstanding achievement,
not an easy task to accomplish!


                               Highlights from the contest:
                                                                  2009 Pro Classic Bodybuilding Championships       

                                                                                  24 October 2009/Saturday
                                       VSU, Virginia Hall, Anderson-Turner Auditorium, Petersburg, VA 23806


After all the amateurs did their thing the Pros were bought out. Last year Pro show was the best the NPA
has ever presented. This year would not equal. However, the show went on. Veronica Paylor from Roxboro
NC was not in her best condition but she bought enough to defeat newcomer Karen Romer of Midlothian VA. 
Both athletes represented their prospective sport well by being there to keep female bodybuilding alive.
We are certainly hoping that in the year 2010 we can qualify more participating female athletes at this

level. We have lots of room for ambitious drug – free female athletes. NPA’s Top Female Pro athlete of the

year award will be presented to Veronica Paylor on December 6, 2009 at the NPA 4TH annual banquet.


You could hear the cheers, yells, screams, cries of the fans, families, and friends who came out to support

their favorites. Roughly 300+ spectators in the audience sounded off meaning that The NPA Pro men had

 arrived. Unlike  last year the judges were all 100% in their placement of the men this year! First time for

 everything!  The returning champion Jerry Garner from Mebane NC was cramping real bad at times and

again he thought he was not going to be able to finish, which would have disqualified him from the
competition. He managed to 
stay in the hunt and captured his 2nd Professional consecutive title.  2nd place

finisher, and newcomer Yohance Fleming from Newport News VA was hard in his upper body but still needed to bring his quads up

to match. Once he does this he’ll be a greater threat to Garner.  3rd place was grabbed by Carl Frady III,
Newport News VA and earned his highest placement yet. 4th place was earned by a very good Steve
Hawkins from Spartanburg SC and 5th place went to 61 year old Davis Ainsley of Mechanicsville VA. On 6
December 2009 Davis will receive athlete of the year along with Jerry Garner who will be presented the

NPA’s Top Male Pro athlete of the year award.


I’d like to thank Head Judge JW Hicks, and his panel judges and officials; Narva Daniels, Arlessa Gray,
Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Rodney Barnes, Stephan Kitchen, and Tami Prager for their hard work and

dedication.  Also special thanks go out to Rochelle Silas, Michael Stewart, Minnie Nolan, Robert Thomas,

Daniel Wright, Gloria Knight-McNeil, Mustafa Khan, Valerie Foster, Steve Hardy, Glen Starks, Toni Johnson,
Kerry Barnard, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Yourdonus James, the VSU administration and Anthony Hilton. Until

next time “keep on Pumpin”./Harry E. Silas/NPA President


Photos can be viewed at
Links, Photo Reflect, Fall/Pro Classic./Harry E. Silas