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The 2008 NPA Natural USA Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/ Championships 

Results: The 2008 NPA Natural USA BodybuildingFitness/Figure Championships
11 October 2008
Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

Masters (60-69):  Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville, VA
Masters (40-49): Jerry Garner, Mebane, NC
Overall Masters USA Champion: Jerry Garner

Figure (under 5’5”): Short:SamanthaBraithwaite,
Dinwiddie, VA
Figure (5’5”+) Tall:  Rhonda Hubler, Virginia Beach, VA
Overall Figure USA Champion: Rhonda Hubler

Masters Women (50+): Karen Romer, Midlothian, VA
Masters Women (40-49):Evelyn DavisRussell,Durham,NC
Overall Masters USA Champion:  Evelyn Davis-Russell

Women Lightweight Champion:  Debbie Frazee, Durham,
Women Middleweight Champion:  Teresa Davis, Midlothian, VA
Women Heavyweight Champion:  Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC
Overall Female Champion: Teresa Davis
      Best Female Poser:  Debbie Frazee

Male Lightweight Champion:Wil Usher Jr.,Wa DC 
  Male Middleweight Champion: William Edwards, Richmond, VA
Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Garner, Mebane,NC
Overall Male Champion: Jerry Garner
 Best Male Poser: Wil Usher Jr.

 Congratulations go out to these 2008 Pro Qualified champions!
Other Participants were:  Patrick Wall, Trafford PA, Gerald Allen, Durham, NC, Krissie Zurik, Richmond, VA, Donnie Ladd, Quinton, VA, and Stephen Haynes, Richmond, VA.  
Rhonda Hubler & Samantha Braithwaite

Evelyn Davis-Russell

Highlights from the contest:

2008 NPA Natural USA Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure
11 October 2008/Saturday
         Virginia Hall (Anderson-Turner Auditorium)
     Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA 23806

This year’s NPA Natural USA Championships marked the 9th season for the organization.  Sixteen athletes came out from various parts of the United States bringing their families, fans, and friends to support them. The turn out was good and the talent was just as good. Prejudging started at 1 pm and went off on time as schedule.  This year, there wasn’t any (70+) athletes nor were there any (50-59) gladiators.   The next division (60-69) two gladiators started things off.  Patrick Wall from Trafford, Pennsylvania and newly 60 years old, Davis Ainsley, of Mechanicsville, Virginia who was in great shape.  The judges made it very clear who they thought the winner was as Davis got a perfect score.

  The (40-49) division featured two more good looking athletes, Gerald Allen of Durham, North Carolina and Jerry Garner of Mebane, North Carolina. Garner clearly defeated Allen and even though it appeared as a competition was about to brew, class winner Jerry Garner said, “He wasn’t haven’t it!” Garner is a very serious threat to the top payout spot for the pro male division this year, (watch out Doug Hailey). He’s going to be an athlete of interest and someone who can come out of Burlington $1100 richer.  

In the figure and representing the short class (under 5’2”) fourteen year old Samantha Braithwaite of Dinwiddie, Virginia felt nervous and couldn’t wait until the experience was over. She looked great in her hot pink.  I warned her not to get too tight and relaxed. She with the help of her supporters pulled it off. In the tall class (5’5’+) came her competition Rhonda Hubler, Virginia Beach, Virginia, who looked great and prepared. Samantha is positively the future and for now she needs to continue getting experience to only get better. When Braithwaite and Hubler met in the finals, Hubler was just as nice as could be and everyone recognized her fine sportsmanship.  Hubler claimed the overall title and will be one of the NPA Pro figure contestants that all can respect and admire for many days to come once the figure Pro division kicks off.

In the women masters there were three. (50+) was lead by Midlothian’s Karen Romer. Karen went uncontested and won the division. In the women masters (40-49) there were two competitors and both were from Durham, North Carolina. Debbie Frazee who won the Ms. Virginia and Ms. North Carolina came in this contest in superb condition. Her legs could still use a little more fluid depletion.  Otherwise, her homework had been done. Two of the test judges voted for her. However, Evelyn Davis-Russell came in seven pounds heavier than she did when she won the GK Classic and still manage to pull it off. Beating Romer for the masters overall title, Davis – Russell steam engine was rolling and unanimously out pointed Romer, who presented her best look thus far.

Lightweight weight (under 115) Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC who was 95 pounds looked great won the class uncontested.  In the women middleweight (115 to under130) two newcomers in Krissie Zurik, Richmond, VA and Teresa Davis of Midlothian bought the excitement to crossover Evelyn Davis-Russell.  Zurik trained by Extreme fitness owner Roger Simmons made an excellent showing and finished 3rd in the class behind 2nd place Evelyn Davis-Russell who wasn’t at her very best but good enough to get 2nd place on the award stage.  Teresa Davis, an unknown athlete who showed up and was as good as we’ve seen. This athlete is the real deal and will absolutely be a challenge to any female in the ranks of the NPA today to include Lesa McCoy, Virginia Beach, VA and Eleanor McBride, Clinton Township, MI. Teresa has vowed to be in Burlington on the 29th of November. She’s made it clear that she will pursue the $1100 purse. She dominated the middleweight class with a unanimous victory.

The women heavyweight (130+) presented 140 pound Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC who also went uncontested for her victory.  When Frazee, Davis, and Paylor lined up for the overall, Davis literally out distanced the class making the judge’s job easy. The only thing she wouldn’t earn was the best female poser award which went to Frazee who also earned her pro eligibility. This was a commendable feat for Frazee since Paylor beat her in an overall one on one title early this year.   

 The lightweight (under 165): class was lead by Wil Usher Jr., from Washington DC, who received all first place votes. Wil also earned best male poser and his pro eligibility.   Donnie Ladd, Richmond, Virginia finished second and look great and will eventually win this competition if he stays hungary.  Crossover Davis Ainsley, Midlothian, VA finished third place and another veteran athlete to watch.

In the Middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were only two. William Edwards, Richmond, VA was in top form as he prepared himself for the overall title by beating Patrick Wall, of Trafford, PA.  

In the Heavyweight class (200+): Three of these big fellows came to the big dance to play. They all were what big men suppose to be.  Jerry Garner the best looking athlete of the night did it for a second time this year and night. His first win came when he won the 2008 Mr. North Carolina. Garner is a serious threat to big Pro pay day on 29 November 2008.  He is a top amateur athlete who will make a competitive pro. He has all the ingredients of a champion.  Second place was claimed by Stephen “the Monster” Hayes, Richmond, VA who is another gentle giant with a lot of potential.  Finishing third was Gerald Allen, Durham, NC who also coming off a big win at the GK Classic has a lot of muscle and potential.

I’d like to thank Head Judge Stephan Kitchen, and his panel of judges and officials; Mary Anna George, Troy Crawley, Arlessa Gray,  Randy “Big Ams” Batts, Toni Johnson, Daniel Moore and Gloria Knight-McNeil for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to Rochelle Silas, Michael Stewart, Daniel Wright, Robert Thomas, Kerry Barnard, JW Hicks, Ron McCarthy, Christy Simmons, Tami Prager, Christine Perry, Hugh Hannah and Yourdonus James. Until next time “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/NPA President       

 Contest Photos at

Ms. Natural USA - Teresa Davis
Jerry Garner the champ