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Natural Physique Association (NPA) Links

Natural Physique Association integrals (Links) as of May 17, 2011 consists of;

the NPA -Bodybuilding-USA,  tricitiesbodybuildingandfitness, and Robert Thomas Photography.


You may view these sites using;


Kayla Thomas, 2011 Ms. Bikini VA: Lauren Anne Kelsey, Crystal Monroe NPA Prez Silas/ JW Hicks - Mr. North Carolina & CoOwner NPA -Bodybuilding-USA NPA Presdent Harry E. Silas & Ron Smock-McCarthy Co owner of the NPA Bodybuilding-USA

The Natural Physique Association Official Logo


Most Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Events follow the same basic Schedule.

The first event of NPA competitions is the competitors meeting. The competitors meeting is mandatory and will help explain the
flow of the show to all the competitors. The head judge is introduced and he/she explains how the fitness, figure, bikini and bodybuilding
competitors will conduct themselves on stage. Any mandatory or optional poses that’s needed from an athlete, the basic stage presence,
judging criteria, and what to expect and a run down of events, order and sequence of the show.

The next event is morning show or prejudging.  Prejudging usually consists of all the competitors in a class/division entering the stage
together, then the judges through the head judge directs them through a series of poses, and many times have different competitors step
back and some step forward and are even rearranged to be compared better to different competitors. This is when the athletes are ranked
by the judges.

The final event is the night show or finals.  The night show is basically for the audience and is when the seats get filled. During the night
show each competitor comes out on stage and performs his/her routine. Once this is completed an intermission takes place. Upon the athletes
return; recognition through medals, trophies, awards, etc are announced through placement. At the very end there is usually an overall competitor
and the overall winner who wins the competition advancing them to the next level of competition with the NPA PRO Classic being the ultimate.

*Note: This is the NPA other organizations/federations  may vary for their competitions.